Sunday, 19 March 2017

From JamesM: 3mm American Moderns - Team Yankee (55 Points)

Hi Folks,

My final hurrah for the challenge! Back to painting stuff with tracks and guns.

These models are for my 3mm Team Yankee project, and are from Oddzial Osmy. I've had this batch to finish off for a while with these guys being the artillery, anti-air and infantry for my US forces.

I'll be honest, and say I have no idea how these would be pointed?! I've included a 10mm ACW figure for scale.

So, quickly then...

Three batteries of M109's (Team Yankee units of these are in 3's or 6's, so I've gone with bases of 3's - 9 figures total). These will be enough to support my Tank and Mech Inf forces. These have been painted in a NATO woodland camo scheme.

Some AAA - in the form of M113 VADS. In Team Yankee these come in 2's or 4's - so I have some units of both sizes - 14 models in total. Probably far more than I can use, but enough to support my various formations!

Lastly for the vehicles, M106 Mortar carriers. These come in 3's and 6's in the game, so I have based them in 3's. These models are pretty out of scale for the other M113's (like the VADS above). At the same time my M113 APC's, M901's ITOW vehicles are all pretty small as well, so I need to fine the updated in scale models. There are 12 of these in this batch.

Lastly, a full company of US Mech Infantry. Each platoon consists of a base of infantry and a base of Dragon teams. I have tried to do weapons, faces, webbing and some attempt at camo uniforms.. but it's a bit tricky at 3mm!

So that's it for me! My very first AHPC is done and it's been a blast. I set out to get a (for me!) challenging 500 points, with the aim of not compromising on the quality of the models I paint. I've now achieved over 600 points (aiming for 650 - which means I got 500 points before the bonus round stuff kicks in). Next year, if I can take part, the aim will be to beat that total - although I don't think I will ever be at the top of that table - some of you people are properly nuts!

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement, comments and the lovely pictures of models to look at. It's been great to see the variety of stuff being done out there in the community. And it's been great to meet some new people via the AHPC Paint and Chats as well. Hopefully I might catch some of you on Chats before the challenge starts next year!

Thanks to Curt for running everything, and the various minions!

JamesM (themadtinhatter)


3mm moderns? Very cool stuff James. GregB has done a bunch of these as well and, with the right terrain, they look brilliant on the tabletop. With them being almost like chit/playing pieces, I like the bases with the uniform green flock going right to the edge. It's a very nice look.

We cooked up some points for 3mm Renaissance stuff before this Challenge, but its complete bollocks for moderns. We'll peg this at 55 points for the lot.

Well done James and thanks for joining the show this year. I hope you can make it out next time the ship sails.



  1. 3mm FTW! I absolutely LOVE the Oddzial Osmy stuff, just brilliant sculpting and it lends itself very much to the scale of the modern (and thankfully fictional) "Cold War gone hot". Well done!

  2. Lovely stuff James! It's been great having you join us this year and good to chat online at various times! :)

  3. 3mm Team Yankee - wow. Well done.