Sunday, 19 March 2017

Jez and Matt Todd - Curtgeld (25 Points Each)

Hi All

Matt and I have done a pair of duelling Samurai for this - blue Matt and red Jez.

Thanks from both and been great fun being part .................

Jez and Matt Todd


Aww, what a lovely pair! And the figures are great as well. ;)

Seriously, Jez & Matt, these two samurai are just wonderful.  They have terrific, bold colours and I like how the patterns on both of their kimonos have been rendered so beautifully. Excellent work guys! I'm thinking of trying out Warlord Games' new 'Test of Honour' and these will be great for chopping up the substandard plastic miniatures provided in the box. Thanks very much!


  1. Nice work guys! Curt will be able to add these to his 47 Ronin from AHPC3 :)

  2. I painted up these figures in the last challenge and they indeed lovely sculpts. You boys have done a great job with them!

  3. Great job guys. Curt will always enjoy more Samurai!

  4. Great work to the both of you - and great idea for Curtgeld.

  5. Good work on those patterns!