Sunday, 19 March 2017

From RayR Donnybrook - 25mm French/Irish/Rebels (385 Points)

Anyone heard of Donnybrook before??
I've just finished basing these fine looking fellows up today, just in time for the finish 
of this years Challenge.
I've already got the English army, painted up by previous Challenge contender and my pal Loki.
So I needed some European troops for them to fight, as well as my Moroccans but who, the French, the Irish Jacobites or even some Rebel troops for the Battle of Sedgemoor???
Well?........Why not all three in one?

In the photo above we have the standard Bearers for the French regt La Marche, the Jacobite regt the Earl of Clanrickard and finally a generic flag for the Red regt in Monmouth's Rebel army.

The Officers
From L to R, Hero, Officer, Ensign & spare Officer.

4 Sergeants

4 x Jacobite/Rebel Grenadiers

A French and a Jacobite/Rebel Drummer

12 Pikemen

A group shot of all the Characters as well as the 4 x 12 figures Muskeeter units

So all in all there are 77 figures!
Giving me 1 million points.......
Well ok, 385 then and not a Selenite in sight!

And that, my friends, ends my Challenge for this year.


Ah, the shadow of Challenge II stretches long and far! A 385 point bomb in the final hours from the progenitor of point bombs, Mr. Ray Rousell. Well done Ray!'

This is a wonderfully done force of floppy-hatted fellows. I like that you've gone with a sampling of three different contingents to face off against your English. I think my favourite of the group are the French pikemen, though the drummers come a close second. 

Great work Ray and thanks for bashing out these fine fellows for our last day of the event. 385 points will double your original target quite nicely - Congratulations sir!
Until next year, Ray...


  1. Donnybrook... Donnybrook... nope. Can't say that rings any bells ;)

    Fantastic little points bomb!

  2. Nah, never heard of it ;)

    Nice work Ray, but not quite the last minute sandbag we've come to expect. I mean, people still quiver and quake with shock when recalling that sandbag you dropped at the end of AHPC2 :)

  3. Still a respectable final sandbag, erm... salvo!

    Amazing work with botb quality AND quantity!

  4. Excellent submission Ray, but it would have been more realistic with a few Selenites.

    I really like the Donnybrook rules and will be using a modified version for my Historicon games

  5. Sorry I missed this in the flurry of final entries. Great work!

  6. Excellent stuff mate, but closing out with just 77 figures...Your loosing your touch my friend.

  7. Well done Ray! Mo worries about it being "only" 77 figures, that's still quite respectable for someone of your years and prowess mate! :-P

  8. Nice work Ray. I'm surprised that you didn't paint just one standard bearer and swap the flags out as required.