Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tribe of Bromley- Final Post (300 Points)

The kids assured me that they would have their masterpieces completed and we were 50% successful. Kolleen was not complete (her words were they aren't good enough yet). Seth was tuckered out and went to bed before I could get changed from from work. There will be none of Kolleens High Elves or Seth's Dark Elves for this season. Also for the Curtgeld, that will be a moment too. Kolleen has been researching Napoleonic Uniforms that we will paint, Seth has been working on bases, Valerie, Nina, and I have been waiting for assembly. Since that too isn't finished, we can thank Kolleen for the musical portion of this post as it is "a good Jam for running" All the kids are getting straight A's except for a couple B's so at least they are studious! ;)

Since Seth is tuckered out, and forbid posting of his Dark Elves...

He mentioned nothing about showing off his assembly, primering, basing and application of brown paint on his dad's scifi troops. These are Wargames factory with some other parts added. They are worth zero points for incomplete and I was in process of setting them as Inquisiton troops and finishing them with Commissar Yarrick. He wants to see all the steps so he can do his Dark Elves proper....and "by myself" ;)

Nina and Valerie were ready though. Valerie is giving me her patented" Really, Dad" look that only a 16 year old can summon. She is still embarrassed by my shout of glee when Vader appeared on the Rebel ship in Rogue One.

From Valerie-( 5) 28mm wood elves

I love stories so much that I created a story for my miniatures. So I started with the clothes, as who wouldn't? I focused more on a minty green with a bit of shamrock green With the two red-heads I thought of people who live in the force of life most often, are pale skinned and most red heads that I know have the most translucent skin that seems to shine.

The Tree woman has been around awhile and I thought of her as a creature who was one with the trees and has been brought back to help her people beat my dad's dwarves. She will break the curse of her people ad bring enlightenment to them in the end. She Can talk to the trees and the Dryads. I only got one completed. I'm going to incorporate more of my stories with victories over my Dad, sisters and brother.

From Nina-(6 chariots 12 crew,6 horsemen, one infantry) Tomb Kings Chariots, Horse, Lich, and Queen
(note- I dropped a chariot on the basement floor before the photo session and snapped her chariot banner)
I wanted my chariots to stand out along with my specials so I painted them red to show they have been out in war and to look intimidating, also to have the sun with the skull to show they shine throughout war. I also added the pink and purple to define them from my other specials and regular army.

For my horseriders I wanted them to stand out, but blend in with the army by making their horses bleech white and the blues and greensfor the riders armour.

I have a lich to make them more powerful and tougher.

My Queen I painted her to stand out by making her staff black meaning poison and her hair black to show she thrives on poison. My dad says her archers are tough and use poison and I have a lot of them and some on horses.

Originally when I painted her she as a mess of splattered paint, so my dad repainted her to show me how to do it. I completely redid all of her to make my queen Khalida Neferher the way she is to show her past.

She died by he cousin Neferata who turned her into a skeleton. She is thirsty for revenge on Neferatawho is a queen of vampires and leads my mothers army!


Tribe of Bromley, this is awesome.  

I can see by that wrestling photo why Seth is tuckered out, but I can still appreciate his skill at prepping figures for his Dad (David, have you no shame?). We'll expect something 'proper and by himself' from Seth for Challenge VIII. :)

Your lovely daughters have hit it out of the park with Valerie's Wood Elves and Nina's Tomb Queen armies. I very much enjoyed both of their people's background stories, with my favourite bits being Valerie's shamanistic Tree Woman and the tragic story of Nina's Tomb Queen. Bravo to you both for all your hard work in getting this entry prepared. Like Seth, I hope you will join us again, if it's not too impossibly dorky. ;)

For scoring I put this lot at a very impressive 300 points ('cause I know those chariots are very fiddly to work on).

You got some great kids there DarthBrom. Keep them close, healthy and happy.


  1. These are absolutely fantastic, excellent colour choices in particular!

  2. Very, very nice work girls! Great painting :)

  3. Well done, family!! We need more like you in this hobby

  4. Great job! I particularly enjoyed the bright colours in the chariots.

  5. Great team effort Bromley tribe! And well done to dad for surviving the Sanity check on that eye roll!

  6. Bromley Ladies...... lovely colour choices and I especially love the background stories. I'm looking forward to hearing the continuing sagas of the TreeWoman and Tomb Queen in AHPC 8.