Sunday, 19 March 2017

From EthanM - Spanish Scutarii and the Final Post

Hello again all. It's been a little while but the Spanish are here as promised. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Celtiberians will be joining the crew in time for the end of the challenge, but with any lucky they'll be incorporated in the more casual weeks to come. This seems less and less likely, though, as just today I was given a squad of 28mm Great War mounted Australian Light Cavalry. These, along with their dismounted comrades, will probably command most of my attention going forward. I was very excited about these figures as I've been looking for them for more than a year now and my dad (EricM) managed to wrangle them up at Cold Wars.

On to the figures at hand. I appreciated the Old Glory Ancients Spanish figures because their simplicity allowed lots of customization. On the other hand, deciding what colour combinations and how exactly to paint the shields absorbed lots of time. To represent their Romanization under Sertorius, Old Glory Republican Roman command was incorporated in. Each unit is of 18 figures. First up, the classic red unit.

Next, the purple/burgundy unit (and my personal favorite).

The green unit, featuring an armoured centurion and musician.

And finally the blue unit.

Here, we have a class photo of the Spanish troops.
Overall, 60 Scutarii and 12 Romans, 72 infantry total.

I've got to say, though I didn't quite reach my target points goal, I certainly had a fabulous time painting up these figures and seeing what you all were up to as well. I'm really glad to have been a part of the Challenge. A major round of applause to Curt and the Minion crew for all their efforts. Thank you all very much.

Until next time!


Great work Ethan! That is an impressive amount of ancient Spaniards. I can't tell with the high contrast, but are they on a snow-style basing? I have to agree with you, the burgundy and bronze unit is very fine indeed. I don't remember if you mentioned, but will these be used for 'Hail Caesar'? Whatever the system, you have a considerable force now.

I'm delighted you had a good time with the Challenge and hope you can join us again in a future edition.