Sunday, 19 March 2017

KyleC - Dwarf Alchemist (20 Points)

Ok. so the Innuit Warrior was not my last piece.. as I have had a bit of a flurry of activity over the weekend on another late release from Mr Lee's Minis.

I went for the aged and weathered look on the dwarf. Very muted colors, and very desaturated in the end as well.

He is very tired from all the alchemy that he has been working on, and is now thinking on how to tackle his next formula.

Again I am trying to add more colors into the normality that is the cloak or clothing. So far I think it has worked, but there are aspects that I believe could be better. But he is now ready to debut both here, and in Duke of Bavaria in Germany at the end of the month.

And there you go.. down to the wire and I get one more piece done. This time a 1/10 scaled bust.. not sure if many do busts for this competition but hope you all enjoyed it!

Until next year... for reals now :)


Oh, lovely brushwork Kyle. Your sense of colour and texture is brilliant. I especially like his rosacea nose and sleep-deprived eyes. Just gorgeous. 

20 Points! 

Please come back next year and show us more. :)


  1. That nose is an absolute treat, fantastic skin tones.

  2. Simply stupendous painting Kyle :)

  3. Wow, that is different. Nicely done Kyle, some fine painting.