Sunday, 19 March 2017

From PhillipK: The Cold Green Line (90 Points)

Hey everyone,

How bloody far we've come.

People have produced an epic amount of incredible miniatures during this Challenge. It has been an incredible thing to be a small part of.

I wanted to say thank you to Mr Curt for having me and for organising this fantastic event. I'd also like to thank Mr Alan and Mr Paul for handling my submissions over the course of it all.

Sadly, I did not make my initial target, ever though it was only a (relatively) meagre 500 points. But, I am immensely happy with the amount of miniatures I have painted over the past few months - it's more than I have painted in the last few years and has put me firmly back on the painting bandwagon.

I didn't get through everything I wanted to get done - there is at least another forty Germans staring at me across the paint desk. Not to mention a group of Cossacks, with a cannon, waiting for their turn.

But, as a final submission, I finished the 18 remaining Jaeger skirmishers for my Russian Sharp Practice force, which I present to you below.

Once again, I'd like to thank Curt and his Minions for their time and efforts during the Challenge, and while I didn't reach my goal this time around, I promise I'll get there next time if you'll have me again.

Until then,



Tamsin: Bloody lovely winter Jaegers there Phill! The great thing about the Challenge is inspiring people to get their brushes out and crack on with painting lots of miniatures. I'm glad to hear we've got you back onto the painting wagon and we'll be checking up to make sure you haven't slipped off! ;)

A fine 90 points for your final submission :)


  1. Jeez, I'm frozen, and not just because the f***ing winter in lingering as usual in Winnipeg. Well done!