Sunday, 19 March 2017

From SeanM: One last time, for the Greater Good (20 points)

Nothing ever goes wrong when you're posting late on Saturday night. Tell that to the OldHammer Group on FaceBook, where I just left a Hordes Battle Report, because it is next to the Ottawa-Gatineau Warmachine Club on my groups list. Hopefully the admins will delete the record of my sleep deficit.

You know, not every Warlord gets to ride around in a shiny new chariot. Some have to make due with some second hand, gently used equipment. To wit, here is my Tau Battlesuit Commander's sweet ride before the paint went on it.

"No really, that's real Corinthian Leather!"

As you can see, there are parts of at least three battlesuits in there. The ankles have been replaced with sewing pins after they snapped off, the C3 antenna is a map pin, and judicious scrubbing couldn't get all of the old enamel paint off. The arms are from a Heavy Gear Kodiak, because boss suits have actual hands, apparently. Now for a little "Pimp My Ride" tenderness.

As you can see, this guy looks a lot more presentable with a (greater) good coat of paint. This is the standard Tan and Green that all of my Tau are painted, although with a higher percentage of green, 'cause he's the bossman. For some reason the matte coat pulled the paint back from some of the edges, requiring some late day touch ups.

As I said before, I've been listening to some podcasts whilst painting, and these guys were inspired by the "Battle of Verdun" podcast. I give you:

Les Poilus des étoiles.

These are a pair of Forge World Death Corps of Krieg I picked up for a fiver at a gaming yard sale. Everyone seems to see Huns when they look at them, and "Krieg" doesn't help, but I found them very reminiscent of the Poilus. The helmet in particular is more Casque Adrian than Stahlhelm. I think I was able to get a decent Horizon Blue on these, with a bit of red, tan and burnt sienna to break up the montone. Man, these guys are a pain to assemble, with just about the most pieces I've seen in a 28mm figure. Legs-torso-head, left arm, right arm, right shoulder pad, pouches, grenades, back pack, and e-tool/bayonet. I could imagine doing several platoons of these. The flash supressor even just dropped off of one of them while I was painting it, due to a subsurface bubble.

Well, my wife will be happy now that I am moving the paints back to the man-cave. It was getting close to my very own personal 1917 Mutiny for a while.

And I'm spent.



Tamsin: lovely work Sean! Those not Poilus look spot-on for the horizon blue. I've got absolutely no idea how big the Tau battlesuit is so I'm going to guess and score it as 28mm cavalry (if you think ti should be more, let me know) so with the two infantry that will score you another 20 points.


  1. I hadn't really picked the Kriegers as poilus, but I think you're absolutely right.

  2. Great and wacky post again Sean!