Sunday, 19 March 2017

From JamesL: The final Dacians and a tank (160 points)

In the dash for the finish line I finally finished my 28mm Dacian army for DBA 3.0. These lads are the final push from their brethren with whom I started this challenge. Completing them means I have managed to complete 3 forces for three different game systems this Challenge, which is one of the great things about the Challenge I really enjoy. There are 24 figures and 3 horses in this final batch; 5 Fast Warband stands, a Psioli stand, a Knights stand and the command stand.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that the warlord has only one I only noticed this as I was painting him, and thought I would leave him as is, Decibila the One Handed Warlord, truly feared for his ability to wield his faulx with one hand as well as normal men wield it with two.

And the final piece of the puzzle for my 28mm DAK force for both Bolt Action and Chain of Command is this Warlord games Pz 111.

So that would be 24 figures, 3 horses and a tank all of 28mm , which I believe to be the 150pts to carry me over my target of 750 :-) . Thanks for an awesome challenge everyone, and especially Curt and the Tuesday Minions for arranging it all and keeping us on track !

Tamsin: Lovely Dacians and a spiffing tank James :)

I'm assuming that the shields are hand-painted to avoid incurring the Wrath of Dux, so I'm going to add a few bonus points for those.


  1. Great job mate and congrats on finishing 3 different forces during the challenge - that's awesome!

  2. Good work, that's a lovely panzer.

  3. Nice work James. The Panzer III is an iconic vehicle, just lovely.

    And that heavy cavalry among your Dacians looks ace too!

  4. Nice work James. I like the idea of the one armed Dacian warlord!