Sunday, 19 March 2017

From BenitoM: French Cavalry Command (30 points)

Just in the nick of time I (almost) finally could complete painting the trio Marshall Nay, Col. Heymes and Ney's ADC to lead my French Cavalry Division. I say almost as unfortunately I could base the models due to a very busy family weekend coinciding with Father's Day in Spain.

 Some individual photos and details

An this is a a first impression representation of a charge with the 1st Hussar unit I painted for the Challenge.

All models are from Perry Miniatures (Who else for Napoleonics!)

With this I add 30 points to my total score and reach 430, good for me but not enough to reach my personal 500p target. A shame but I reckon to be a slow painter and like to split my hobby time between painting and playing (lots of Command and Color Napoleonic recently as you may know if you follow my Twitter account)

It's been a pleasure to participate for the second consecutive year in The Challenge, a good opportunity to have my mind busy for time to time in this difficult personal start of 2017 (although things look more promising now). I really appreciate all the hard work put by Curt and Sarah as well as all the minions in the organisation.

 I've also seen and enjoyed much a fantastic display of artistic talent and have taken note of some ideas for the future. Congratulations to all participants and hope to see you around next year.

A final note: I haven't had the time to complete the Curtgeld or even to coordinate with some other participant as requested for this year. But no worries, I'll be painting and sending to Canada in a few weeks   

Tamsin: Lovely work on these dashing cavalry commanders Benito!. what a fabulous way to round up your Challenge. Great to see them with the hussars in that last pic. Charge!!  :)


  1. Benito, it has been a pleasure to see your fantastic work. Well done!

  2. Fabulous, dashing french cavalry command, your painting has been top notch!
    Best Iain

  3. Fabulous, dashing french cavalry command, your painting has been top notch!
    Best Iain