Sunday, 19 March 2017

From GregB and IannickM : Warlord Titan - Curtgeld (30 Points Each)

A bit last minute, but we made it! When Greg and I discussed our ideas for our all-canadian Curtgeld, our first ideas was Napoleonics, but we figured many would obviously go down this route, what with Curt's obsession with the era! So I proposed a somewhat crazy idea, which I figured we might be the only one to do; both of us painting the same figure. And in the spirit of the recent Epic projects, by me and Greg, but also by Curt with this Adeptus Mecanicus project, we settled on a Epic Warlord Titan.

So Greg painted the metal works and half of the Titan (the purple parts), and then send it to Montreal for me to do my half (the blue and yellow parts), and I was also in charge of the basing and the little add-ons like the Marines on the base. It was, for me at least, the very first time I work on a model that someone else started! I have to admit, it was a bit more difficult than I anticipated, as I was afraid to accidentally touch some of Greg's painting, which would be a much bigger problem than when I can easily retouch my own work! But I'm really happy with the final product, and I think both our painting and colour scheme blend perfectly together. 

The Warlord-class Titan is a large and powerful type of Battle Titan, armed with much more firepower than its counterpart, the smaller Reaver-class Titan. The Warlord is the most common class of Battle Titan in use by the Titan Legions during the Heresy, and many Adeptus Mechanicus Forge Worlds field their own patterns of this class. Due to their immense size, Warlord Titans are not nearly as fast or agile as the Reaver-class Titans or the Warhound Scout Titans, but they more than make up for this failing with their sheer firepower and heavily armoured bulks. This thing is big, this think is massive, this thing will blow shit up!

This model is straight from the early Adeptus Titanicus boxset of the late 80s, one of the multi-part plastic models from the game. We kept it old school, even including the void shield wheels in the base. I included a few Space Marines (Emperor's children obviously) on the base to give the model a sense of scale and size.

We think this massive war machine will fit in very nicely in Curt's Epic force, even more so since Greg has been painting Titans left and right during this challenge, and Curt will probably need to pack some extra firepower next time he gets to face Greg's legions!

Once again, the challenge delivers by making us do something we'd never would've done otherwise! Cheers from Iannick & Greg


Cor!! This is so cool guys! I just love it. Similar to Christopher and Nick's medic, I'm amazed at you two painting the same model - that must have taken a bit of getting used to, especially for the painter (Iannick) who had to follow-up. I'd love to try this sometime myself. Anyway, the Warlord is just terrific. I especially like the colour choice, the Janus-faced paint-scheme, the striped leg armour and the Space Marines at it's feet. So wonderfully Old Skool. 

I'll score this as a 54mm figure, with some extra for the fun basing and then divide it  between Greg and Iannick. Thanks again guys! 


  1. Great job Iannick! Your finishing is fantastic! Thanks so much!

    Hope you enjoy him dude! I look forward to seeing him in Regina :-)

  2. Proper old school - absolutely epic!

  3. A great example of cooperation indeed and a colourscheme I can very much approve of ;-)

  4. Brilliant cjoint effort guys :)

  5. Wonderful team effort - wonderful idea. Kinda reminds me of HMS Zubian -what was left after HMS Zulu had her stern blown off and HMS Nubian her bow blown off!

  6. Wow it's a colourful one - very nice!