Sunday, 19 March 2017

From PaulS: Carts and Tanks (36 points)

In the final hours of the challenge it is time to try and finish a few bits that have been loitering around the edges of the painting table over the past month.

The first thing to pull away from the traffic lights is a Centaur for my commandos. The model is one of Warlord's resin pieces, with lots of nice detailing. I was a bit confused by some of the hatches being in metal though as there is no way to actually open them or put anyone in the hatches. It also didn't come with any transfers, so I've been freehanding some of the markings

After the Centaur, I moved onto two carts that were originally bought for a wild west project that was supposed to be part of the challenge this year, but never made it off the starting block. The mdf carts came from Warbases and are pretty good. Unfortunately the resin is a bit warped and distorted.

I'm not entirely sure how these fit into the scoring scheme...

Tamsin: Nice work Paul! I'm sure your Commandos will appreciate the armoured support. For the two carts, I'm going to score those as crew-served weapons, so that should give you a base of 35 points plus another for freehanding the vehicle markings :)


  1. Great brushwork Paul. Love the wagons.

  2. Great work Paul. I'm thinking all three of these elements could be on the table for the same scenario :)

  3. Nice work Paul - I really like the Centaur!