Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From TeemuL - Uruk-Hai Scouts (15 Points)

Curt is taking a break, so I take advantage of the situation and wait for proper light to take photos of these three Uruk-Hai scouts, which I just finished.

They are from the LotR Ambush at Amon Hen boxed set, the same box which provided me the Lurtz and the Three Hunters for my previous entries.

They were all nice to paint, but as I was quite busy during the week, the painting was not relaxed and I was kind of forced to finish them today to catch my deadline. Game wise they have lighter armor than the "real" warriors and they trust more in leather than in metal. To compensate the lighter armor, they are little bit cheaper. This might be important in the future, when I need to get under some point value...

3 Uruk-Hais are worth 15 points.


  1. Brutal looking Uruks. Nice job Teemu.

  2. Real nice, some good movement in the sculpts too


  3. Thank you all, the minis look great - they are one of the first boxed sets GW made for LotR. They were giving love to them at that point and lured many people to buy them. :)

  4. More LotR goodness. It seems to be a theme this year! Great to see them. I hope they do the business on the table top.

  5. More great looking Uruks. Lovely stuff teemu :)