Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From ScottB - Riders of Rohan (120 Points)

Before getting swamped under an avalanche of large Turkish gentlemen ;-) , I decided I was going to get my 12 Riders Of Rohan finished that I have been working on for some time now, and felt they deserved to be finished before the Challenge Deadline.

They are obviously 28mm GW plastic figures for the Lord of the Rings, and represent an full warbands worth of mounted cavalry goodness...

I normally paint my horses with a variety of white 'socks' as the contrast is good against the brown... but this time I tried some black, so it may not show up to well in the photographs but it will give some variation across my overall Rohan force.

I may just need to paint up a mounted Captain now to lead them into battle... alongside Eomer or Theodred...

There's a rumour going round that Ste has some fiendish Uruk Hai soldiery that are hell bent on despoiling the Westfold! Never I say... not while the brave sons of Eorl draw breath!

Actually, I think I may paint up Erkenbrand to go with them, as he makes a fine hero to lead these brave warriors into the fray!

So I have a couple of days now to complete my 'Curtgeld' - should be just enough time, and then a fortnight to get some of these troublesome Turks sorted out!

I might just get near my new target, and it will definitely be my best challenge total to date. WooHoo!

Oh, and thanks to all those who voted for Radagast in the Comedic round, tied second place with Michael was a great result, and well done to Anne for pulling off some cracking paintwork, to take away the main prize.

Now back to the paints...


  1. Nice painting Scott.

    Regarding black "socks", they don't exist as such, but you do see darker lower legs on bays, browns and some greys along with black-ish tails, manes and muzzles. But as Middle Earth is a fantasy world, anything goes I guess :)

  2. Really nice finish on these Riders. They look excellent. Looking forward to seeing more Turks completed. cheers

  3. Good to see you've finally crunched through them, I'm looking forward to getting slaughtered again. Although I really must get back to the painting table, that horde of uruk hai won't paint themselves!

  4. Congrats on completing these, they look superb.

  5. Great looking figures and glad to see them finished as I know they were atarting to hang around


  6. these guys look great, I'll second what Tamsin said about horses. There is a helpful chart that I borrowed from "Big Red Bat Cave" that I have found very helpful... though I still struggle with horses http://fencingfrog.blogspot.com/2013/10/hampton-legion-cavalry.html

  7. Well done! They look like right from the movies.

  8. They look grand, Scott! I'm still looking for Eomer to lead mine! These fellows turned out really great!

  9. Very nice, an army I was tempted by :)