Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From SanderS - The Last Barsoomians... (Mature Content) (114 Points)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

This update sees my last Barsoomian update for this Challenge. I have managed to paint up the last 9 figures of my Barsoom collection which is nice but also a bit sad since I'd like to do more of them.

The figures can be divided in two categories: humans and creatures since one of the models is one of the great White Apes that plague the ruins of Barsoom's once mighty cities.

The model is from Bronze Age Miniatures again, and the base (all of them BTW) are from the 36chambers.

The humans are some regular warriors from both Zodonga, in red "clothing" and Helium, in blue. The pictures are not that clear and therefore the blue looks a tat purplish which it isn't in real life. Poses are pretty lifelike and the miniatures have loads of detail.

The 8 normal 28mm figures amount to 40 points and if Curt is kind enough to count the ape as another 54mm figure we're looking at 50 points for this contribution.

Now I was originally planning to do a second post for these WW1 miniatures as well but deciding against it because it would add to Curt's to-do pile and so here are some more pictures.

My main medium for our beloved hobby remains the 1:72 plastic miniature. A while back there were quite large holes in the available Great War ranges. Therefore I ordered some sets from various 20mm metal producers. Amongst those are this Tumbling Dice BEF troops. Since their plastic equivalents have become available now, they ended up on the unpainted-lead-pile. Until now that is, because here they are painted and all.

First some Early War Scots with heavy weapons.

Secondly, some regular BEF heavy weapons bases.

These WW1 troopers will be shipped to the display cabinet in my class-room to populate my WW1 trench-lay-out in order to explain trench warfare to the kiddies at school.

Now these 16 troopers amount for 64 points making the total for today's entry 104 points is that right boss?

Cheers Sander


  1. Love the Scots and great to see you taking the figures to school


  2. What I wouldn't have done to have a teacher with a scale WWI trench layout in the classroom...

  3. Great brushwork on all! I truely like the Martians as they do look lively enough to be strolling off a Frazzeta canvas! ;)
    I'm very jealous of your class too, as they get to see your trench works and minis! ;)