Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From RoyW - 'Paying the Piper' Figure (aka, the Curtgeld) (21 Points)

Hello everyone,

Now this may be correct, or it isn't. But I was sure I read somewhere that the anti-hero payment figure could be fictitious, I just can't seem to find the literature... One point that I do know is contrary to what the .pdf instructions state is the base - it not being "circular". This information having slipped my memory and it wasn't until I re-read the instructions after the painting was finished that I was reminded. Kurt, you will have to excuse me, I'm afraid.

Right, the figure. 

28mm Wargames Foundry 'C14th Scottish' sculpt that you get free with all orders from said company. It being originally sculpted by one of the Perry twins.

Now, the character bio. (apologies in advance!)

Sir Talbot de Cheseholme is the hero of this tale;
He that publicly champions chastity, to all the fine females.
Scourge upon any man who thinks to spreadeth asunder;
Who'd swiftly take what they think, that is their right to plunder.

Though it seemeth that our knightly hero, is not quite the actual angel;
For he himself doth chaseth after ladies, he invites to feast at his great table.
It doth seemeth our spurred gallant, is truly quite the lecher;
This hypocrite chauvinist, who'd stealeth kisses from the ladies for his own pleasure.

But 'tis 'doeth as I say';
'Thou shall not doeth as I do'.
Those unfortunates who disobey him; 
His sword doth swiftly runneth through!

If I do say so myself, that wasn't bad for someone who never sat an English GCSE.

The shield's hand-painted, the heraldry (like the anti-hero) fictitious.

All that's left for me now to do is package it up and ship it across the North Atlantic, at so many thousand feet through the air to North America. Hoping for it to arrive safe and sound in Canada. 

Points wise; I believe the payment figure is worth 20 points. 

From Curt:

Haha! Sir Talbot is spectacular (that shield is fabulous) and I must say my wife and I had great fun reading your 'blunt arrowhead prose' describing the 'do as I say, not as I do' bewhiskered warrior (worthy of a point in of itself).

Thanks very much Roy, Sir Talbot will have a welcome place in my display cabinet amongst the other antiheroes of this year's Challenge.


  1. A funky fellow with a taste for funky helmets. Really nice result Roy. cheers

  2. The prose is nearly as good as the figure, great work


  3. Thank you all.

  4. Thanks everyone.

  5. Looks great Roy. I particularly like his face and his "do as I say" stare.