Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From MilesR - 28mm Opel Blitz Trucks & Proud Parent Stuff (52 Points)

I just got these 3 28mm scaled Opel Blitz trucks in the mail on Tuesday.  They arrived just in time for my upcoming Bolt Action tournament at Cold Wars this weekend.  A rush DAK paint job was required and completed today.

The models are from the Perry ww2 line but they're manufactured by Blitzkrieg.  We are centennially being spoiled for choice with 28mm WW2 stuff with great new products from the Perry's, Blitzkrieg and Rubicon.

While it's hard to see each truck does have a driver.  I'm planning on running a tank force on Saturday and the rules require that all the support infantry be mounted - trucks are the most economical way to accomplish that need in Bolt Action.  The Trucks will also serve as fun objectives in convoy raiding scenarios.

These trucks and three half crewmen should net me 52 points.

Lets go ahead and up my goal to 3,000 points.


  1. My favourite truck of WWII, they look very detailed and you did a good job on them


  2. good to see the Logistics train getting some attention.

  3. Nice trucks Miles :)

    Good luck in the tourney :)

  4. They look suitable desert worn and tatty. Which is just what I like to see in desert vehicles. None of that factory finish, but proper dusty desert trucks!

  5. They look very dusty! It's great to see the workhorses and see them well done as well!