Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From TamsinP - 6mm ACW Union Generals (20 Points)

Well, my week off work has been rather busy. If I'd wanted to go for a huge points bomb, of course that was possible - I could have assembled a large batch of 28mm Wars of the Roses figures and painted them. Instead I chose to go for projects which would need attention to detail that wouldn't be easy to muster up in the evenings after work.

So, my second entry this week (and my 20th in this Challenge) is a set of command bases for my 6mm Union army. Well, I've done (most of) the infantry, a fair number of cavalry and a crap-load of artillery so they do need some generals to boss them around.

I decided to do the uniforms in Prussian Blue rather than the Intense Blue I'd used for the infantry, cavalry and artillery. It does look darker, but with hindsight I should perhaps have gone with Dark Prussian Blue for the generals instead.

Some close-ups (dangerous, I know!)


For some reason I decided to give the CinC a grey-blue overcoat. IT just seemed like a good idea, and it does work quite nicely.

Cavalry Corps
Now, that's why it's dangerous to show close-ups of 6mm figures. I'll have to touch up his face where the black from his hat has crept down. And cover up the blue which has got onto the flag staff.
 Artillery Corps

1st Corps

2nd Corps

The overcoat on this guy was done Dark Prussian Blue. His aide at the back of the picture is checking the artillery fire tables in his copy of Fire and Fury to make sure the command post is out of range!

3rd Corps

Hmm, I managed to pick the wrong angle for the last two - you can't see the Corps symbol on their flags.

The figures and flags are all from Baccus. I do have some more of the Baccus generals in the lead pile, as well as some Adler. Later on I'll paint them up for command bases, order markers and to go on infantry, cavalry and artillery bases as lower level commanders.

I'll leave you with the State of the Union:


  1. The dreaded close-ups, LOL. These are looking fantastic, what blue are you using for the uniform, it really works at this scale.

  2. Your close ups came up trumps, always some little issues you won't see otherwise and a cracking job on these guys


  3. Your CinC needs a cigar gutting from his mouth... hard to do at 6mm ;)

    They look great Tamsin.

  4. I too know the pain of the dreaded close-up, but these came off just fine IMO. I was just telling a friend last night that 6mm painting tends to be much more forgiving of the slip o' the brush...

  5. The Joy of six!

    Excellent work, they look splendid.

  6. @ Peter - thanks! The blues? For the regiments I used Intense Blue (VMC 70.925) for jackets and Deep Sky Blue (70.844) for the trousers. These figures I did the jackets in Prussian Blue (70.965) and the trousers of the officers.

    @ Ian - yup, there will always be little errors that you don't notice until you see the photos :)

    @ Adam - if I could model cigars in 6mm I'd, I'd, I'd...actually, I haven't got a clue what I'd do. I doubt that there's much money to be made from selling them ;)

    @ David - it is more forgiving if you apply the three-foot rule, but I don't fancy trying to paint with the figures that far away from me! :p

    @ Clint - thanks! :)

  7. They look very grand altogether, Tamsin! The staff stands are well done....time to smack around some Johnny Rebs! ;)

  8. Great little figures, very nice work.

  9. Great job, I really like the flags. You will never see those few stray paint areas on the table top.

  10. @ David - thanks! My Union guys need a few more regiments before they are ready for campaign. As for my Rebs, they haven't even begun to muster ;)

    @ Iannick - glad you like them :)

    @ Sean - cheers! The flags are from Baccus. All I had to do was cut them out from the sheet; glue them onto the poles and go over the edges with blue/red/gold paint :)