Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From TamsinP - Korean "Soldiers" and Archers (144 Points)

"Soldiers" flanked by archers
And now my third and final entry of the week (no. 21 of this Challenge. Bleedin' 'eck, I have been productive).

Looking at what I had ready to go and what would be good to get painted up I decided that the Mongol cavalry would be too much work and I didn't fancy painting up more 6mm Union infantry. I knew that in the prepped pile I had a bunch of Korean infantry and realised they'd be something I could paint up in time.

So, in between putting the finishing touches to the 30YW regiment, I glued the figures onto their bases and added medium ballast for basing texture. Why did I do them that way? For the simple reason that that is how I've done the rest of the army, even though it does make them more fiddly to paint.

They were then primed white by airbrush. I found this provided a much better surface then brushing it on by hand.


During the Choson era, there were several reforms of the Korean military. Under the Koryo dynasty, there existed a number of special units - the To Bang and Tae Gak guards and the private armies of various lords. These were outlawed between 1457-1464 and replaced with a smaller elite infantry force of "soldiers" who fought with spears, polearms and tridents as well as bows and long swords. In FoG:AM they are classed as Superior Drilled Protected Medium Foot, Bow*, Light Spear/Sword and you can take up to 16 bases of them, so that is what I have painted up.

Each base has either 2 archers and 1 "spearman" or 1 archer and 2 "spearmen".


I also had some regular archers in the prepped pile. These were sent out in error - I'd actually ordered levy archers but decided to keep them. There was a reason for that - two of my painted regiments only had crossbow or firearm supporting rank options, but in FoG:R they only have the option of firearms or bows. the two regiments lacking bows were the Orange and Yellow, so I painted them up for those two.

In reality, the hat plumes should all be red. I used different colours to allow easy identification of units on the tabletop as they may be of different quality levels.

The figures are all Old Glory 15s.

A few folks from the club (myself included) will be re-fighting the battle of Byeokjegwan (1593) on the 22nd. Or it might be somewhere entirely different. You see, after the success of our Talas re-fight where we played a pre-game by email we have extended that and are playing out the pre-battle manouevres. I am playing the Reverend Yu Jeong (also known as Song-Un), commander of the Righteous Army of Sangha. I'm having great fun doing that, but writing missives in-character to the player who is the Chinese general Li RuSong does take a while. The game itself will be a very welcome break to celebrate the end of the Challenge.

Totting Up Time:

72 15mm foot figures @ 2 points = 144 points

That completes my entries for this week and leaves me within spitting distance of my revised target of 2500 points.

Other than my Curtgeld figure, I haven't decided yet what to paint up over the remainder of the Challenge. There may be some more spaceships if I have time, but I'm now torn between doing the Mongol cavalry, finishing the ACW Union infantry or putting together and painting some more WotR stuff. I guess you'll just have to wait and see.


  1. What a horde! Looks superb. Productive is an understatement I think.
    Superior Drilled Protected Medium Foot, Bow*, Light Spear/Sword....just rolls off the tongue. he he! Great looking units Tamsin. Cheers

  2. Very nice entry Tamsin! You seem to have quite an impressive selection of different armies and projects. And you actually seem to finish them! I think the unwritten rule of wargaming is to buy a project and leave it without paint into the to do pile :) Not this painting stuff nonsense...

  3. Another great bunch, your production to quality is wonderful


  4. These look great the Gray and White uniforms really pop in contrast with the bases.

  5. wow - the number of different armies you are painting is making my head spin - but the superb quality is a very consistent factor

  6. Nice work girl. Your work never disappoints.

  7. @ Brendon - indeed, it does trip off the tongue ;)

    @ Samuli - thanks! :)
    *looks guiltily at the pirate army I was painting in last year's Challenge that I still haven't finished*
    errmmm, yes. I always complete my projects :)

    @ Ian - cheers! :)

    @ Adam - those colours may pop, but when every unit looks the same and you have a large army of them,,, ;)

    @ Miles - cheers! Well they do say variety is the spice of life, so my life must be a rather hot and complex curry! :)

    @ Clint - thank you! :D

  8. Choice Choson! (Sorry New Zealand slang!). Love these, I spent so long playing 15mm ancients that I get warm fuzzies looking at armies of them.