Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From TamsinP - 30YW Foot Regiment (64 Points)

For my 19th entry this year, I decided (after much deliberation) to paint up some Thirty Years War foot. After all, I hadn't done any 30YW stuff so far this Challenge so I needed to do some to continue this project across every Challenge to date. The army is pretty much complete for gaming, but I plan to keep adding units over time until I have enough for two full gaming armies. Or maybe more so that I can put on massive multi-player games. When I have the space.

But that's enough blathering, on with the post.

Just one regiment of 32 figures in this post, but I should have multiple entries this weekend. These were painted and based in just under two days (Sunday and Monday), with the bases dry-brushed, tufted and flocked on Tuesday (in between doing other things). It was only when I went to take pictures that I realised they hadn't been sprayed with matt varnish. Cue a little bit of swearing and a delay to do that job and let the varnish dry.

And some not-quite-overhead views showing why I do nine bases for my regiments:

9 base later tercio
7 base Swedish brigade
6 base pike & shot regiment
These are different unit formations that can be used in FoG:R. By painting up all 9 bases, I can use all three formations as required.

The figures are 15mm from Donnington Miniatures.


  1. These are really nice Tamsin, the blue and yellow colour scheme works well.

  2. Very nice! Varying the bases to reprecent different formations like that is quite a handy idea! Might have to steal your idea for future 30YW projects that are being planned :)

  3. Another cracking unit Tamsin, your proof that no army is ever really complete


  4. Really nice work! I do like how 30YW era armies look with the mix of pike and shot.

  5. Well done Tamsin! The blue/ yellow colour sheme is truly striking.

  6. TWO DAYS!? You're really in the zone now, I guess, and lovely work it is.

  7. Good grief. How many projects are you working on?

    looking good.

  8. @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Peter - thanks! I think the blue trousers would work nicely with other colour coats; something to bear in mind in the future :)

    @ Samuli - thanks! The way the bases are used for different formations is defined by the rules (FoG:R)

    @ Ian - cheers! Is any army ever complete? There are always more units you can add, especially if it's a generic army that can be used for different army lists with different options...
    Oh yes, I do have a mad plan for mass painting a bunch of 6-base P&S units (and some cavalry) in the future *muwahahahaha!*

    @ Adam - cheers! There is something appealing about the look of that era :)

    @ Moiterei - thanks! It is a good colour combo :)

    @ David - yup, 2 days - started Sunday afternoon and finished mid-morning on Tuesday. It was a relatively simple paint scheme, even if I did complicate it by using different shades of yellow and blue for the clothes, a mix of browns for the hair... :)

    @ Clint - thanks! I've lost count of how many projects I have ongoing ;)

  9. They certainly look a sight! I really like that rich blue, it punches them up really nice! I fear I'll have to hang up my ruck and retire if I am ever to match your output! ;)

    1. @ David - which blue? There are three!
      But what will you do to keep up with my output when I retire? ;)

  10. Beautiful work, and especially glad to see you've used some nice strong wire pike by the looks of things!