Tuesday, 10 March 2015

SteH - I've come full circle, and now I'm back at the beginning - Curtgeld! (20 Points)

The first post in this fifth Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge was a Lord of the Rings miniature by GW (superbly painted by none other then Curt himself!) and so I thought it only fitting that my entry fee to the Challenge should be from that miniatures range.

In fact the Challenge this year has had a distinctly Lord of the Rings feel to it, particularly for me as it coincided with moving my family to Wellington, NZ (the middle of middle earth!) from the UK, finally meeting up with ScottB and enjoying some great LoTR/Hobbit games and just generally trying to get my large pile of LoTR mini's finished.

So what better way than to pay my Curtgeld and meet the requirement of a 28mm Antihero than with Saruman the White!

"I am Saruman of Many Colours"
"So why is he suitable as a Antihero" I hear you all cry (or not). Well if you have read the Lord of the Rings Appendices or watched the Hobbit Saruman is very much a hero, leading the White Council in evicting the Necromancer (Sauron) from Dol Guldor and just generally being kick ass! However his motives were not as they seemed as we see later when he allies with Sauron and betrays Middle Earth in the process.

"Oops, I've got the wrong colour robes on, bear with me
I'll be right back"
"Grima, fetch my other robes. They're in the second drawer
down, under my Backstreet Boys T-Shirts"
And so they're you have it, Saruman will shortly be winging his way from the bottom of the world to sunny Canada, to join the illustrious company of other Challenge fee miniatures.

From Curt:

Love it! Wonderful work Ste, especially in giving some nice depth to his white robes (and Saruman's off camera conversation with Grima is hilarious). Thank you so much!



  1. That's a nice evil wizard. Nice job Ste and all the way from Middle Zealand Earth. cheers

  2. Great looking mini, a great anti-hero


  3. He looks great. In my head I could hear Christopher Lee's voice in your little comedy exchange.

  4. Great work on the various shades of white, and an excellent choice for the Curtgeld!

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    1. I am glad you used a dark cream base as opposed to a grey base. Cracking stuff and another LotR figure as well, it seems to be this years theme.

  6. Very nice rendering of this figure. My favorite Saruman quote is from the Bakshi film. "Then he will know his good servants... and his enemies. "