Tuesday, 10 March 2015

From AdamC - Greyhound Recon (8 Points)

I did one of these earlier in the challenge and liked how it look so much I decided to do another.

In Flames of War some Cavalry Recon units have two M8 and sometimes they have only one but you can always pair the second one with two other jeeps for a second patrol. These little guys are fast and pack a decent punch against German recon or even their lighter tanks (OK against tanks you have to get really lucky but you can).

With two men in the turret this fellow should get me another 8 points.


  1. I have always liked the greyhound AC fast and with a decent gun (for an Armoured Car). Great to see one in the challenge.

  2. Greyhounds, what's not to like?


  3. Nice! Will be a useful addition no doubt.

  4. Nice little AC! I'm very tempted by FOW mainly because of all the really neat stuff I'm seeing this challenge!

    1. its a fun game, as long as you approach it as fun game and not as a simulation you will probably like it. I tend to think of it as war gaming World War II the movie. The miniatures are generally very good in terms of quality though they have had a few dogs.