Saturday, 18 March 2017

From SylvainR & PeterD: SCW Breda Curtgeld

As requested for this year's challenge, PeterD and I decided to collaborate on an Italian AA gun for the Spanish Civil War. Peter was in charge of the assembling and painting and I was in charge of working on the base. 

I added some spent ammo shells on the side of the gun. I would like to add some more details in the next few days, but for today, this is all I have the time to do.

Merry Challenge End everyone!



Ahh, absolutely lovely work Sylvain. I know Peter had a devil of a time getting that Breda together, but all the fiddlines hard work has really paid off. I really l like your addition of the spent brass, and the base colours will blend in very nicely with the collection. What an excellent piece.  Thank you Sylvain and Peter!


  1. Nice basing work Sylvain :)

  2. Very nice basing Sylvain - love the spent casings. I'm sorry I took so long getting it to you!

  3. Congrats on getting this one done guys! Excellent work.

  4. Nice addition of the brass pile! Very wonderful Curtgeld!
    With all the interwar and SCW, I may have to start some pulp forces of my own as a gang isn't a new army, Right!? ;)