Saturday, 18 March 2017

From DavidB: Tech Priest and assistants (30 points)

Another gift from Christmas and this one sparked a dive into the pile of forgotten lead.
The last time the Cadian 7th took the field, I had abysmal luck with chaos critters taking out tank after tank. I needed some Machine priests to keep the Cadian armor and weapon systems on line.

These Servitors I got in an Ebay bid that I thought included the squat tech priest and servitor. Although I was pretty chuffed to get these RT era servitors, I was miffed enough that the two squats were not coming that they were consigned to the pits of the mountain of neglect.

Necessity and the new tech priest sparked the memory of them and I dug them out. I painted them in the NMM but experimented with washes to see how the tones would alter the metal look of them. I used purple, green and blue washes instead of the nuln oil. I liked the blue tones best.

These newer servitors came with techmarines in the day and were also plucked from the lead pile. I gave them and the Tech priest a wash of blue ink.

I left the servo harness on the tech priest in an unwashed NMM. I  like the breakup in the tones on the priest which upon reflection seems to be red,white, and blue...the subconscious is a weird thing! ;)

I now have two tech priests and 5 servitors to solve breakdowns of armor and some Inquisitors to stifle the cheating chaos forces! Note that the cheating is apt as the 40k lore is advancing after several years. Now that the Cadian 7th Cav have forces to counter the minions of Chaos, Abaddon has given Cadia the Alderaan treatment! At least I finally got some extra tools in the toolbox now!  ;)

Tamsin: another six fine figures Darth B and a well deserved 30 points which officially takes us into the unknown territory of points beyond our overall target! And at least one more to come from you before the end :)


  1. Nice work on these David. They look like a grim crew!

  2. Those are some classic figures, especially the mechanicum chap with the axe. Great job!