Saturday, 18 March 2017

From PaulO'G: Last Submission - More 28mm Redcoats and Some War Puppies! (115 points)

To round out my AHPC VII submissions and add to last week's submission of Major Brinkworth and his redcoats, I present another 12 musketeers, a colour party and two sergeants.  I've continued with the green facings of the 24th Regiment and the relatively clear bases to reflect their role as Regular infantry in more open ground.

Unfortunately, the additional few figs I need to complete a full third unit under Sharp Practice 2 and the flags I bought for the colour party haven't yet arrived yet and are still a week or two away so will miss the challenge.

Sergeants Garside and Hanson reassure the lads in action and administer a good slap to those who need it maintain their resolve.  Plus those halberds tend to give any adversary pause for thought! 

My more usual view of the lads as they go into action.
I'm really pleased with how the coats came out, emphasising their "bloody back" nickname
Here are all the lads together (combined with last week's submission), ready to take on Dux's French this week - I trust their performance will justify the effort required to paint all that b%@$dy lace!  It really finishes off the figures though, and the unit as a whole.

Major Brinkworth leads from the front with his Impressive Weapon! 
Firing Line: What British regulars do best, right Dux?
"These smell tasty Daddy..."
Finally, here are 7 war hounds from the Gripping Beast Irish Warband boxed set but intended more immediately for my Fantasy army as lesser war beasts.  These were dropped into the paint queue at the last minute to get me past 1200 points (after my flags and extra redcoats didn't arrive in time).

Odin poses with his little lead cousins...
"These smell even tastier..."
...and thats why one of the war hound models looks a little more veteran than the other.
Inevitable really!
Thats 16 Redcoats, 7 warhounds and a small supply base (not worth points, but I needed another deployment point) to complete my AHPC VII adventures. My initial target was 850 so to get to 1200ish for a personal best result is very satisfying indeed! And while there can only ever be one GIMP, I achieved >2000% improvement on last year's results :-)

Thanks to everyone (especially Curt and my Tuesday co-minion Dux) for all the fun, comments and chats - I'm already looking forward to Season 8!


Ok, first thing, Odin is the clearly star of the show here. All else is merely window dressing. 

Now, with that established we can move on. 

Great looking redcoats Paul, especially all ranked-up with their mates, ready to send the French off in a cloud of of British powder. The wolfhounds are a lovely addition, though not as spiffingly cute as Odin - and even better, they passed the taste test!

It was excellent to have you with us for this Challenge Paul, your enthusiasm and good-will was wonderfully infectious. Also, it was great to have you and Dux blazing the way for the Tuesday crowd - I couldn't have done it without you.

115 Points for you Mr. O'G. Now, go see if you can run down that pesky light gun and those wearisome Jesuits. ;)


  1. Lovely work and love the photos in the long grass. Very effective.

  2. Odin is definitely one cute puppy :)

    Oh, there were figures. Errmm, lovely brushwork on the Brits and the warhounds :)

  3. cracking stuff Paul... and the cute puppy card is out again... sneaky! he is cute though!

  4. Excellent and a brilliant idea to have Odin "tenderize" a model - very realistic!

  5. Not only are these brilliant figures, we finally get some dog pictures to counter all the kitty pictures great one...

  6. Odin has the most excellent ears ❤🐶❤

  7. Great work Paul. Odin again steals the show.

  8. Lovely work Paul. Thanks for your work on Tuesdays (*the* quality day) this year!

  9. Excellent work, Paul! That lace does look glorious on the foot! The effort was well worth it. Perhaps the lesser hounds will perform better with Odin's blessing bestowed!
    I'm pretty sure Odin brought you an extra 50 points for the "awwww" factor of those big brown eyes! ;)