Saturday, 18 March 2017

From KeithS: Last of the Scots 68 points

The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but it's decorated by hand-painted tartans!  This is the last of my tartanic efforts for this year's challenge  This is a batch of 13 mailed Scots, a dozen elite warriors and the warlord.  Once again, all 28mm Gripping Beast and a fine bunch of figures.

The obligatory group shot.  Again, I slacked off and used decals for the shields, as the rest of the painting was already time consuming.  But I do like how they turned out.

A look at some of the tartan cloaks.  I continued to experiment with different patterns and colors, looking for ones that caught my eye.  I think most every one was a little different.  I had intended to be done with all this sort of thing, but I've received hints I might have more Scots coming for my birthday next month.  Ugh!

Another group.  As elite warriors, the proportion of swords and axes to spears is much higher.  Still, even with slipping in some Viking swords to arm them, a few ended up with spears.

And the last group.  Every one got decorations on every item of clothing.  These lads are nicely accoutered in their finery!

Well, that concludes my Scottish endeavor.  41 figures to be used in Saga at some point in the near future.  Sadly, the Irish and Welsh will get painted well before next year's challenge, so I am sure to be back to monsters and adventurers by then.  I have one last figure that is nearing completion to be offered up as my Curtgeld for the year.  That one to follow.  IN the meantime, thanks very much to Phil and the Friday crew.  It's been a pleasure, as always!

from DaveD.  
Keith  its been a joy to watch you accumulate  these . I have added some extra points for tartan cloak torment.  another 68 to your tally!


  1. Excellent plaid-work on these chappies Keith. It's been great to see this force get painted up :)

  2. Your efforts with the tartans has paid off, really great stuff! If they get a dinner invite from clan Campbell they might want to watch their backs :p

    1. Clan Campbell: 'Excellent Hosts for 325 Years Running...'


    2. What ever you do don't ask the Campbells to sleep over!

  3. I've never painted Tartan but you make it look easy (I bet it isn't!). Very nicely done sir!

  4. The Scots are really nice, Keith! Lovely work on the tartans and blinging up the elites! They are going to stand out well!

  5. Nice work on these Scots Keith.

  6. Scots and the "Road to Hell" - together again!
    Excellent painting!