Saturday, 18 March 2017

From AlexS: Hall of shame (15 points)

 Hello everyone, my name is Alex. I'm from Russia and I'm an alco- paint-holic. Last week, I decided to repeat what I did in the first week - to paint 100 miniatures and get ahead. I prepared everything and started to work.

 But then I got into my hands two new novels by Umberto Eco - "Prague Cemetery" and "Zero Release". And instead of painting miniatures, I read them days and nights, at work and at home. And as a result - I painted only three miniatures.

I'm ashamed, I'm very ashamed. But I did not do what I expected from myself and waited for admirers of my talent of a man who paints a lot.

And in the consolation of myself and admirers of my talent and invite everyone to see my favorite video. In it, the Mongolian relatives to me sing that they also had a great past, but now they just go on the steppe and read the books of Umberto Eco :)

total 3 inf - 15 points

Tamsin: curse you, Umberto Eco for writing such engrossing books! Alex - I feel your pain. It's so easy to get distracted from painting. You might have only got three figures finished, but they are up to your usual high standard, so no need to be ashamed. Besides, you've still got over 40 hours left to get the rest painted up - we know that you can do it! :)


  1. Phew. I was expecting a huge bomb. Thank you umberto eco. You work this challenge has been truly inspiring. Here's to next year, unless you have a secret bomb waiting☺

  2. This time nothing special will happen, but I promise that the next event will be held under the slogan "Beware the Russian bear" (с) :)

  3. Thank you Amazon for delivering anywhere in the world! The old Umberto Eco trick works again!

  4. You're in very good company Alex. I have a suggestion for you which works for me: audiobooks. That way you can paint AND 'read' a book!

  5. I think you sprinted out of the gate too fast, Alex! You must've pulled something! ;)
    It was great to see your work again this year, I'll look forward to seeing what forces you'll bring next season! ;)

  6. Well, good work on those three anyway!

  7. Books are dangerous! Well done for this year and looking forward to next year's output from you.

  8. When Alex gets started on the audio books, we'll see a real monster unleashed...

    Great Challenge Alex!