Saturday, 18 March 2017

From DaveD: A Red Horde..n stuff... (202 Points)

I said I might manage to get something under the wire , and this is it. With my usual paint station being  surrounded with building and storage items while work is on going on the new man cave I managed to create a small space to work on the last lot of micro tanks I have left over to complete.

So here we have a mix of T62, T72, T80, trucks, BMPs ,SP artillery, bridge layers and air defence Strela.  Oh and to boost the NATO forces, 4 MLRS ...grid square removal batteries!

So 97 Soviets , 4 NATO ... 101 vehicles 202 points...

Its been a really productive challenge this year ...thanks to the guys who have joined in on the paint and chats - it's been great fun.

My good mate Millsy sent me a book this week on the Sudan , about the Australian deployment - its a fine read - cheers mate.

It has some pictures i have not seen before that have sparked ideas for next year..

The Suakin Military railroad

The man cave works are about at the worst stage...

The existing cave  is stacked floor to ceiling with stuff from the loft space above the new one..

Still work to do on the new one... the wall lights are coming off tomorrow  , to be replaced with daylight LED downlights in the ceilings on Monday. The decor and flooring are all now planned in - so it will be available to move into from the 4th of April...

Right, that is it for now.. there is just the Curtgeld left to sort!


Wonderful Red Horde  'n Stuff, Dave! 

Your new Man Cave is coming along very nicely (I dream of overhead LED lights for my space). I look forward to seeing pictures of the space once it's all completed and you're moved in.

I was betting good money that you'd be able to come up with something in the final hours before close and you came through. Excellent work Dave - they look ready for the May Day parade and a few doctored photographs. Are all of these GHQ models from your original purchase in the 80s? Stonking stuff. 

I'm terribly sorry I didn't make any of paint-and-chats Dave (hangs head in shame). As the POTUS would say, I know they were a 'yuge' success, unfortunately the time-zoning never worked to my favour. Nonetheless, I hope you do it again so I can repent online.

202 points puts you back in the running. You know, just sayin'...


  1. Quite the Red tide you have there Dave - great stuff!

    I'm glad Millsy sent you that book. I have one deep in the recesses of my attic somewhere too. Cant wait to see your version of that Naval Brigade train and gun :-)

  2. Excellent entry (I may be a little 6mm bias).

  3. Only 97 Soviet vehicles Dave? That's not even a full regiment. Tsk-tsk - we expect a full armoured division from you, you realise! ;)

    Great work once again :)

    1. I know! Still got more vehicles to do ..but at least the bulk of them is broken

  4. While the armour is excellent there really is a serious lack of camels in this post...

    1. the Egyptian camel corps will be along next time!

  5. Blimey, I'd hate to see that coming over the hill. Whilst I should stop Millsy from egging you on, I do want to see where you would go with more Australian flavour.

    1. cheers, yes still got some more Aussies to do for this... next time!

  6. Great to see a final salvo from you Dave - good luck with the 1:1 terrain modelling.

  7. 97 Soiviets and four NATO, all set for a scenario then, are we?

    Well done Dave.

  8. Excellent work, Dave! Love the armour beasties and the grid smashers! I had micro armor, but traded the lot for Avalon Hill tile games. I cringe about the trade at times but with the Russian vs German and Arab vs Israeli tile games, I can live with it...until I see spectacles like this! ;)
    Good luck with the mancave, I have to unpack mine yet! ;)


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