Saturday, 18 March 2017

MilesR: Insurgents and Aussies (215 points)

 This submission is the last one I need for the Historicon games and my last group of moderns. All of the figures are 28mm metals from Empress Miniatures.

 First up a group of 22 Insurgents - these can be Chechens or other types of hardcore bad guys.  There are 20 fighters and a crew served recoilless gun.
A close up of the Insurgents.

and a group of 20 modern Aussies.  I went a little lazy on the cammo patterns but it gives of hint of the pattern.

I've now completed all the mini's I need for the upcoming convention games and will now turn to some terrain.  I may get a few more things finished up tomorrow morning for the Challenge but this is about it for me this year.

Points wise that's 42 figures a gun thats worth 5 points instead if 10 - lets put this submission down for 215 points.


How many games are you putting on at Historicon this year?! You're becoming a going concern with all these various themes you've cooked up. 
Great work Miles! I have a few of these excellent Empress figures and you've really done them proud here. I like that you're using Australians as they are a little off the beaten path.

After watching you prepare for your convention events these past few years, I must say that I envy anyone who gets a chance to play in them. They're always so wonderfully realized, with scads of figures and over-the-top scenarios - such a treat. 

42 figures and the recoilless rifle will put you at 215 points, just a nose ahead of Martin for the #1 position in points. It's all coming down to the wire!


  1. Great stuff and a great challenge race

  2. Not sure I agree that Australians "are a little off the beaten path" but I too applaud their appearance in our submission :-) Nice job Miles!

  3. Great stuff Miles.. keep cranking the handle

  4. More marvellous miniatures Miles! Well done.

  5. Great work Miles. Painting modern camo is something I find to be nearly impossible, so I a salute anyone who wants to event attempt it...

  6. Nice work Miles! The Aussies look strikingly similar to the Kiwis that we shared a FOB with ( said FOB was built by Canadians) nice work on them and the tangos!