Saturday, 18 March 2017

From TamsinP: Parsley (25 points)




Yup - that's what I'm calling him. I reckon a few folks, mainly Brits will get the reference.

This is my contribution to the team effort Curtgeld. Originally it was going to be a bunch of gladiators and the lions were part of the set. At some point it seems to have morphed into just the kitty-cat club as a diorama base rather than as individually based figures.

It was a bit of a trial painting him - trying to get the fur texture onto large smooth expanses wasn't easy. I think Parsley has come out looking a bit more flea-bitten than Cecil - maybe he's been captive for much longer?

Well, I started the Challenge with animals and I'm finishing* with one. And I'm reminded of the oft-misquoted line from Isaiah "And the sheep shall lie down with the lion" (that's the misquote - the actual quote is "..the wolf shall lie down with the lamb, the leopard with the kid and the young lion, the calf..."). So, in honour of the misquote:

Dave - remind me to bring it to Salute so that you can take it away for the diorama basing!

* there's an outside chance that I might finish some of the gladiator figures before the deadline

Once again it's been a great Challenge and a big thanks to Curt for hosting us for another year, and to the minions for keeping everything running smoothly. And a big "Whoop!" to the Manic Monday Mayhem Mob for all those fantastic points bombs! Also a big shout out to all the participants this year - we've had a fabulous range of entries and some carpet bombing that would make Air Marshall Harris weep with joy.

This has been my second highest scoring Challenge out of the five I've done. I was originally hoping  to beat my all-time highest score, but that would have been a push as we had an extra two weeks that year. It did look as though I was at least on course to beat it on points/week but I haven't had as much time for or really felt up to painting since my father passed. That being said I'm still mightily pleased with my output - my SYW Russians are now 50% larger, my Choson Koreans are (nearly) complete, I painted an entire army of Nubians and there was only one teensy-weensy little SciFi entry this year.

Over to you Snowlord for the scoring!


'Parsley' is tawnily wonderful Tamsin, both ferocious and majestic (though I now need to investigate the 'Parsley' cultural reference)! I'm very curious to see the entire group all together - I'm positive it will be something you will all be able to take 'pride' in. Ahem, sorry for that.

Five years now? We'll have to figure out some sort of grading or medal for time-served in the Challenge. :) Also, we should tabulate your total points over the 5 years to get an estimate of how may figures that is. I'm sure it would be eye-wateringly impressive.

Thank you very much Tamsin, and thanks again for stepping in when needed during this year's Challenge - it's very much appreciated. Now, Parsley is easily as big as a horse so lets settle it at 25 points for him. Terrific work Ms. P!


  1. Curt you need to check out THe Herbs by Michael Bond...

    1. Just wikki'd it. How very cool! I had no idea. Now going to check YouTube...

  2. This takes me back! I never saw the Herbs on telly here in Oz, but I did read their adventures in (I think) 'Jack & Jill' comics.

    Thanks for the nostalgia hit, Tamsin!

  3. He doesn't look that friendly though Tamsin.

  4. Looks great, you nailed that Lion "beige" body colour

  5. Awww Parsley looks looks like he wants to invite those sheep over for dinner

  6. A great little kittyfor the Snowlord Tamsin, I always had a soft spot for Clarence but will google your Parsley as well.

  7. @ Curt - Glad you like him! :)
    Yes, it has been 5 years. I'm not sure that I would want to go back through and try to work out how many figures at each scale I've painted during them - suffice to say that over the five I've painted 10328 points and I'd guess that about 70% of those points are for 15mm figures.
    It was a pleasure to step up to help out as a minion again, even if it was just "part time" :)

    @ Edwin - and sure to have adventures :)

    @ Dave - indeed he does/did :)

    @ Ev - you're welcome :)

    @ Ray - how can you say that? He's clearly saying "Hello, very pleased to meet you - would you like a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake?" ;)

    @ Iannick - thanks! It was hard work doing the shading to get the fur texture :)

    @ Paul - well, he is a very well brought-up chap and that's the polite thing to do ;)

    @ Sander - cheers! :)

    @ Barks - thanks! :)

  8. He's lovely lion Tamsin, I'm sure he's friendly!

  9. Great work, and great Challenge once again Tamsin!

  10. Very nice lion, Tamsin! I think you nailed the colors very well! He may be confusing the sheep for tinkle-balls! My daughters' cats seem to love those damn things most especially at 0200 and chasing them across wood floors! ;)