Saturday, 18 March 2017

From AlanD - Bits and Bobs for the French & Indian Wars (90 Points)

As the final hours of the Painting Challenge count down, I have had to face the reality that I won't quite make my target of 2000 points. I'll come close though, and overall I'm very happy with what I've produced since December. I'm hoping to squeeze one more entry in before the end (the students can wait a bit longer for their essays to get marked, right?), but for the moment, here are some bits and bobs to help Paul and I with our FIW campaign.

First, some civilian types from Renegade Miniatures, along with a light gun to bolster my French forces.

Given my recent record in games against Paul, I definitely need some divine intervention. Hopefully a couple of Jesuit priests from Conquest Miniatures/Warlord might do the trick.

However, given the strong likelihood that they won't, here are six casualty figures, also from Renegade.

90 points for me please Curt!


Haha, I like how you balance the optimism of religion with the realities of secular life. I really like the little door-knocker gun (which would be like an 88 in this period). I'm also a big fan of tree stumps on bases, dunno why, just do, so kudo to you.

Give the brats a bunch of A's and get another entry in before the curtain falls. ;)

Well done Dux.


  1. Great stuff mate, though going up against both an artillery piece AND the clergy will have my lads thinking twice!

    You may not have quite made it to 2k but it has been an impressive showing throughout my friend! And best of all, I get to fgace-off/play with your toys too :-)

  2. Really nice piece. Great entry Alan.

  3. Ex5cellent work Alan some cracking looking figures.

  4. Nice work Dux. I really like the gun crew and civilians - gonna have to get me some of them. Did you use Mother Nature's bits box for the tree trunk?

  5. Great work. Love the priests!

  6. Grand work, Dux! I like the cannon, that should help quite a bit! The Jesuit priests and CoBs are splendid additions too, I know what my family is like and I've always felt the Jesuits had big brass ones for the attempts to bring us into the light! ;)
    I'm not to sure what to make of those others, it appears you drafted some of my lazy cousins! ;)