Saturday, 18 March 2017

From TeemuL: Something for Sarah (15 points)

I have not painted any females so far in the Challenge, but better late than never. Here are three Spanish Civil War Republican Militia members, all female. I was hoping to get a bit more colorful entry for Sarah's Choice, but these all seem to wear overalls, which I painted blue. I tried to give them black, shiny hair, but the result is too grey. It fits the leftmost nicely, because she has elderly look.

I'll have the rest of my miniatures in another post tomorrow, I just wanted to post this individually to help Sarah's job. :)

I have couple of more of these SCW militia members, but I don't think I can finish them for this Challenge.

These three Empress Miniatures figures give me 15 points (over my target).

Tamsin: very nice painting Teemu - looking forward to seeing the rest of this batch of figures :)