Saturday, 18 March 2017

From JamesM: 10mm Pendraken ACW (46 Points)

Hi folks,

Another painting first for me - some units that are neither 15mm nor WWII!

Through the Miniature Modelling Mayhem paint and chats I had the pleasure of meeting DaveD and 'Stig' - both of whom are local to my new abode in deepest darkest Teeside. Given that we are frequent paint and chatters, Stig established a club to bring us together - 'The Old Guard Wargames Club'. We meet roughly once or twice a month near Northallerton (central for most of us) and have also managed to rope Martin into attending - along with a few others!

As a club project, we decided to give 10mm ACW a bash. After much debate over basing and rules (anyone with experience of clubs trying to decide on basing and rules is probably someone who no longer goes to a club...) we settled on a compromise - something neither fish nor fowl - which should allow us to play various games.

A bulk order was placed with Pendraken. I stumped for fielding the CSA... mainly to make up the numbers.

Based on some discussion with a US based friend made via the Paint and Chats (Drums of War), who's wife's grandfather was a Reb (with a very interesting background - including having fathered a child while in his 80's!), my units will be for the South Carolina Brigade (part of, I think, A P Hills Division).

These are the first models of this scale I have painted. It took me a while to get going with them, but I'm happy enough with my first attempt. Hopefully to someone who is familiar with the period the paint job is acceptable. Unfortunately I have been painting in batches based around particular poses, which has meant I've painted more than I can currently base for the challenge - the remainder has to wait to be mixed in, else I will have a couple of very similar looking units...!

A total of 44 x 10mm figures (plus flags! - which were purchased and then cut out but the red had to be over painted as it looked too orange).

Basing was done first with sand and PVA, followed by a coat of mixed Green Ochre and Flat Earth. I then applied a rough covering of '2mm Dead Grass' purchased on Ebay. I left the edges patchy and dry brushed Green Ochre then Desert Sand to highlight. Tufts were then added, 3 of each type per base. I used Serious Play 2mm 'Yellow Brown' and ' Straw' mini grass tufts - again from Ebay. I wanted the ground to have a dry and parched look, representing hot summer campaigning.

Painting the models, I had originally wanted to go for a very rag tag appearance, but it just didn't work for me. In the end I went for a much more uniform approach, varying the shades of blue and gray slightly, mixing in the odd butternut trousers and hat colours. Bedding rolls and blankets were a mix of shades of brown, but I also went with reds and blues which would match the Confederate flag and (hopefully!) help tie the unit together. I tried to use 'warm' colours where possible, given the size of the models - the first time I have tried to apply colour theory to my minis and bases!



Great looking Rebs James - If I hadn't read the title first I would have sworn these were 15s - such nice, clean painting. 'Little Powell' Hill would be proud (though not as proud as being able to father children in one's 80s)! I also really like your basework. Just enough texture to keep it interesting without overpowering the figures. Lovely stuff.

46 points, including a few more for the Rebel colours. Well done James and have fun with creating the rest of the South Carolina brigade!


  1. they look great, 10mm does take a while find you groove

  2. Exquisite brushmanship. These look spectacular!

  3. they are mighty fine... I look forward to mulllering them with my Union troops... who I get some painted!

  4. They look great, I think your colour choices and the slightly irregular lines work really well.

  5. Well done. I'm constantly amazed by the quality of Pendraken's stuff when I see it painted, vs. the photos of the figures on their site...

  6. Great looking Rebs! I really like what I've seen of Pendraken.

  7. Those are some glorious looking Rebs! I like the basing very much and how they have a mixture of color and uniforms even at that wee scale! Great stuff!

  8. Hi i have shared your work on my 10mm Wargaming page and 10mm Wargaming group

    Take care