Thursday, 19 March 2015

BrendonW Mounted Kinghts and Mongols (120 Points)

On your horses, get set, GO! 

3 x Perry Plastic Knights and 9 x Fire Forge Plastic Mongols. What a crazy ride the Painting Challenge has been. Lots and lots of fun. This may be my last post but you just never know if something can get completed in the last few hours.

Thank you all participants, visitors and especially Curt. I have tried to comment on as many posts as I can but some I missed but I may go back and post something. Project Mongol will continue after the challenge on my Blog as will a few more additions to the 'Red & Black'.  Cheers all from BrendonW (The Kiwi).

From Curt:

Whoa, that is some lovely cavalry Brendon - well done! It's all so good but I especially like the black and red stripped lances on the WotR knights. 

Brendon, it's been a real pleasure to have you with us again this year. I really appreciate the support you've given to both me and all the Challengers. I monitor all the comments that roll into the blog and I know you're one of the most dedicated commentators of the event - again, thanks so much for that.

I look forward to seeing the forces of the 'Red and the Black' develop over on your own blog. Until next time.


  1. Lovely cavalry Brendon. It's been fab to see you build that Beer and Bacon force up over the Challenge :)

  2. I really want to see the full Red and Black army in group shot.
    Great stuff all around.

  3. Really great figures and photos. Way to finish the challenge.

  4. Great entry, been fun following your work in the challenge


  5. The beer and bacon army just keeps going, as such a worthy reason for a worthy cause should! ;)
    I really like your mongols too, the colors and movement to them are really good. You have moved fire forge up on my want list!