Thursday, 19 March 2015

From MarkO - Austrian Grenadiers (480 points)

Ok, right at the last here we go... four regiments of Austrian Grenadiers. Victrix models for a change, which do the job quite nicely. I painted them in eight facing colours, given Austrian Grenadiers were made up of companies banded together from multiple regiments.

Bit of a rush at the end, so I had to turn to that wargaming staple, the partner's hairdryer to speed up drying of the glue!

Speaking of which I really should say thank you to my smart beautiful partner who's been very understanding right through this challenge! And thanks so much to Curt for running the challenge - a spectacular effort, and to everyone else for all the encouraging comments and friendliness during my first time. Has made it very special!

I'll end with a few pics of my Austrian Army all together that I had time to take. All but four of the infantry regiments were painted during the challenge! 

A lot though not quite enough to see off Dave's Sudanese horde! I blame horrible Hungarian trouser braiding! But then that's what Napoleonics involves so can't complain! Well done Dave (assuming no one else has crept ahead at the end somehow!!). 

So long everyone! See you next year hopefully, though Napoleonic and other action will continue in the meantime through my Napoleonic blog and Hordes of other stuff blog!

From Curt: 

You are a powerhouse Mark! Holy cow, this is amazing. Such beautiful work and at such incredible volume. My hat's off to you!

(BTW, I have both an Austrian and Russian Napoleonic army awaiting paint. Care to give it a go? Really, it will only take you a couple months. Just sayin'... )

I love the last images of your Challenge total. You had to pan so far back - it's hard to see them all! Bonkers. I love it.

It's been a pleasure Mark!  Until next autumn.


  1. Wonderful stuff, and the whole army shot is superb.. I tip my hat ..that many Napoleonics is a great achievement

  2. Amazing stuff! That's a huge army to put together in such a short time! Hats off to you mate

  3. Now that is an amazing sight with them all together at the end. Bravo sir, bravo!

    This has been a fantastic project to watch developing over the last 15 weeks. The sheer quantity and quality is astounding :)

  4. Astonishing - simply astonishing

    I made my points painting relatively simple ww2 uniforms - how you can do these wonderful Austrians is simply beyond my meager skills

    I am most impressed

  5. I want to say Bah humbug, but this is truly phenomenal stuff Mark. Great job and quite inspiring, really!

  6. Jaw droppingly good, the pictures of the full army is amazing


  7. ..... Wow!
    I set aside my Peninsular Brits after splashing white on their coats a few times too many! This force in a season is truly grand! Is there a training wheel force for 28mm nappies? ;)

  8. I'm almost speechless! Dave, Miles and myself all cranked out a pile of painted figs but this is truly mind-blowing. There aren't many more complicated uniforms than Naps and to have produced consistently showroom quality in such quantity it is almost beyond belief. Congrats!

  9. Wow, just wow. What a sight! Fantastic uniforms, fantastic quality, great uniforms and all on such a scale!

  10. Those are stunning great work white is not an easy color to get right.

  11. Gobsmackingly spectacular.

    Makes a man wish he'd spent the Challenge painting French artillery batteries . . .

  12. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Had a blast :)