Thursday, 19 March 2015

DavidB - End of the road- Anti-hero Army (150 Points)

First, thank you, Curt, for inviting me in to this season's challenge. It is truly more fun participating than just visiting and commenting. It is also harder to comment and view every entry while painting and submitting! I have no idea how you do it and submit wonderful entries yourself!
My brushes have been laid down, my final entry is the remnant of a gift my wife and kids got me and is also a proxy of my favorite story of any media. I am a Star Wars FANatic, and love all fiction fantasy and Scifi, but these fellows are very special.
The Alien Legion is like a French Foreign Legion (in Spaaaaaaace). They are volunteers, fugitives, cutthroats, prisoners, and worse. They are used to show a united everybeing empire for PR, but, they are given the missions nobody wants with equip nobody wants either. They get the nasty missions that is needed for any variety of reasons. They can count on their destination to be violent and messy. This makes the Alien Legion a violent and messy unit. They brawl lots, and steal among themselves and visit worse upon their enemies. These are a true Anti-hero Army of Outcasts
Sarigar is the blue skin half snake fellow whose whole race was slaves. He still bears the orange tattoos of slavery on his face. He now leads Nomad Squad as a CO. Jugger Grimrod is a greenskined humanoid who like knifes, hates authority, is a former prisoner, has a price on his head, speaks like an Aussie, and pals around with a brood of marsupial, midget, alien pickpockets. He was created when everyone was looking for a wolverine type character. I like him just as much as Logan! ;) 

Sarigar is a little out of focus, but he is a conversion from a Critical Mass snakeman and a Rebel Pangalactic legionnaire. just a head swap and a dab of orange paint for the slave tattoo. The donor of the head has the snake one now. Rebel minis are in the back and some critical mass viridian assassins are flanking him. One is a proxy medic while the other is a comms trooper.

Just a few of my favorite sculpts from Khurasan Minatures Jade throne foreign battalion. Khurasan best captures the feel of the Alien Legion. 

Khurasan tractors, one with a mortar the other with Anti Air. I also have the tank crew, but I have yet to determine what sort of tanks and AFV they will get

The NCOs the snake man is Critical Mass, the front middle is Rebel minis, the rest are Khurasan.

It has to be that frikken gun, or Sarigar is shy!15mm is hard to photo well!
the officers/ characters in the middle is Jugger. 

The best place for the Alien Legion's best cutthroat is with a squad of Viridian Assassins, this is the ranger squad. Maybe Jugger is training them how to tick off Sarigar. 

I can field five 10 man squads, this is what a squad would look like.

A big pool of Alien Legionnaires.

Some pangalactic legionnaires with blades. for now each squad gets one to cut thru walls and "obstacles"

SAWs, rocket launchers, and more from all three manufactures. The Snake man is a conversion with a spare power suit weapon.

The only bits left from my gift upainted. the flyer is Rebel Minis, the AFV is Khurasan. they've been primered and airbrushed in shades of grey. I'm not sure who is going to get them. My wife figured I'd like it as it looks just like the APC from Aliens. I'm going to get more as 15mm has a lot of neat familiar stuff. But I got the Alien Legion! ;)

I kept the armor white and uniforms black like the comic book. It is a very good thing I did as I spent a lot of time painting the alien skins! Khurasan is the winner hands down, but I have every last JTFB they have. I'll be on the lookout for more proxy AL troopers and may someday fill out the full Nomad roster in 15mm or 28mm if somebody gets the license and makes them!

Instead of showing what I painted...Here is the Cadian 7th Black Platoon and two veteran squads in various not completed states.

This is what I cleared from my desk just to make room for the Alien Legion. All but two supers and the ratlings were begun in the challenge and not completed.

The brushes destroyed and the paint pots emptied. I'm very stingy with my paint and refill the pots with a splash of water every time they get used. In the end, they contain just a thin wash. These are totally spent.

I found this spacehulk game for $90 at the FLGS. I also picked up Malifaux figures and a starter box for 40k Dark Vengeance. I am to play the later in May and wanted the rules. I haven't read it yet, but the minis are nice. I also have two boxes of Woodland Indians from Wargames Factory and a box of USMC and a Stuart Tank from Warlord on the way. I also got a warning from my wife to be careful or she will ground me from buying minis again! :)
That is it for now. Hopefully we can do this again when the year winds down, it was a lot of fun! I have to go to a band concert for my youngest daughter, but after I will be watching the clock tick down and see what fun you all have come up with in the final hours! ;)

70 15mm troops
2 tracks with 1.5 crew
One tired old grunt! ;)
From Curt

Oh wow! I loved reading Alien Legion! These guys are so cool David. You've done such an amazing job in collecting various figures and converting others in order to capture the look and feel of the graphic novel. Wow wonderfully dorktastic. Simply stonking stuff. 

Can I have them. ;P  (Hey, if you don't ask you won't get...)

Great work David - It was a pleasure having you along for the crazy romp.


  1. That is quite the collection to finish on David. You've done a cracking job on the aliens :)

    1. Thank you, Tamsin! They dovetailed nicely with the Anti-hero theme. I also felt confident enough in 15's to give them a go!

  2. Very nice indeed David. I've been eyeing of the Khurasan tractors myself. I really like what you've done with yours. Thanks for sharing with us this year.

    1. Thank you, Millsy, it's been a treat to once again see what you and the others came up with this year! I hope to have a go once again in the next challenge! ;)
      The tractors are really nice little kits and the cruciform weapons fit perfect with very little cleanup. I might pick up some more myself. I really like khurasan a lot.

  3. Great looking final entry


    1. Thank you, Ian , the Alien Legion is the whole reason I went to 15mm. I will probably have more 15's next go around! ;)

  4. Thank you, Curt! I cannot give this army away because it is a gift and they are my favs! ;) I can promise to bring them up north if I ever retire and give you command while I run the Op4! ;)

  5. Intriguing figures! Very nice painting!

    1. Thank you! Probably the one force I love the most, and one I plan on adding a lot to. At least as I find the bits and pieces to use! ;)