Thursday, 19 March 2015

The final post

I don't have a final entry for this post, yet it seemed churlish to roll through the end of this challenge without a final accounting.

It's been a wild ride.  Last year I barely scraped 600 points to make my goal.  I thought I would stretch this year and go with 650.  I had been suffering a bout of PTSD for six months before the challenge and hadn't really hobbied (a word?) in that time.

My first entry followed my previous pattern.  Six models.  Eight.  A few more.  I was ahead of schedule so added some off plan entries.  Before I knew it I had blown past my goal and left my funk far behind.  While the challenge was not a cure-all, the camaraderie and the purpose were helpful.  Somewhere in a bottle of paint and a cup of dirty paint water I left the PTSD behind for awhile.

On the way I breached a barrier with my painting and got to the point where painting armies is a realistic goal.  I "completed" an entire army for Lord of the Rings as well as making huge progress on a Celt army and my Uruk Hai, which I've had for twelve years.

In terms of painting progress I painted 218 models during the challenge.  This is more than I've painted in any year, ever.  I gained confidence and really discovered my style.  I really couldn't be happier with how this year helped me develop; not to mention the dent in the model mountain.

Thank you Curt.  This was a very rewarding experience, both for it's therapeutic effects and for the journey in self awareness.  Thank you as well to my fellow travelers for your support in the comments and for the inspiration of your entries.  The annual Challenge is a great example of what is best in our hobby.  The support of people I've never met, and the cheerful banter, the sense of fun and the fantastic examples of what our hobby can be.  It's all inspirational.

Cheers to all of you.  I can't wait for next year.


  1. It was great to have you 'amongst the scrum' with all of us Sean.

    I'm very touched that the Challenge has been a positive influence in your life. I won't gloss over the fact that the administration is a bit of work but when I read feedback like this it all seems so very worthwhile and puts a spring back into my step.

    Thanks for the note Sean.

  2. That has just made my day! Anything that helps people recover from an illness is a positive in my book. To hear that your participation has helped you is a truly wonderful thing. Best of luck with your continued recovery mate.

  3. Aaron, this has been a fantastic Challenge for you and I'm so glad that it has helped you kick the PTSD into touch for a while.

    You've been a fantastic Challenger yet again :)

  4. 218 figures is no joke. I'm glad that you were able to alleviate your PTSD for a time and wish you all the best.

  5. Great post and glad it has helped you in your journey to being well again. Hope you top up the tanks again next year


  6. It was grand to view your entries! One day at a time, brother! I run through the woods here at home to keep in shape, but also to clear my head. Family helps too!

  7. That's so awesome to hear, Aaron. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work!

  8. This post is great to hear, best wishes for the future.

  9. This is the kind of stuff one loves to read. While I didn't meet my own target, it's very heartying to see how the Challenge has made a positive infulence in folks lives, and not just their lead piles.

    Paint on!

  10. Great to hear this has been a beneficial experience for you! May such improvement continue. Best wishes!