Thursday, 19 March 2015

From MilesR: A Last Gasp Napoleonic Naval Entry (30 Points)

 One last hurrah - I've been hinting at something Napoleonic and wanted to close out this year's fantastic Challenge with some 1/1200 ships from the Langton line.   For me, building and painting Langton's is one of my favorite hobby endeavors - they are both challenging and rewarding to complete.  I also wanted to do something that was inspired by Clint's fantastic play by blog naval game.

So with our further ado, may I present two Spanish Third Rates (74 guns) the San Leonardo (on the left) and the San Justo (on the right).  Both of these ships fought at Trafalgar and both managed to escape the debacle.  The inclusion of these two ships brings my total collection up to 48 of the 74 named ships that fought there in 1805.  Each year I get closer by 5-7 hulls.

Given the time constraints of today there is a just a "hint of rigging" and, accordingly, I hang my head in shame.

These ships have been lurking in the Challenge painting pile since December 10th and, to be honest, were hidden under a box until last week! My hobby area really needs a good cleaning.

I think this really last submission will put me over the top of the Naval challenge and might move me back into third or even a tie with Mr Millsy.

In terms of points, I'll leave that to Curt

Thanks again for a wonderful experience - both to Curt and his lovely bride for hosting this shin-dig and to all the participants who make the effort both inspiring just a plain damn @#$*%-load of fun.  Enjoy the summer, replenish the lead pile and buy new brushes - December will be upon us soon enough....

"SpreadSheet Challenge 2.0: This Time the Auto Calc if Off!"  Yes, that's very heady stuff.  Pure marketing genius if you ask me.

From Curt:

Lovely, lovely Napoleonic ships Miles. Beautiful work. Last time I scored them as 15 each so that's what I'll go with here. 

You're already in third so its up to Mr. Mills to reveal his final gambit.


  1. Lovely ships Miles! :)

    As always it's been great having you along and watching your tussle with Millsy through the occasional breaks in the dust cloud :)

  2. I've really enjoyed your work this year mate, especially your naval stuff. I'm not sure if I have enough points to get me in front in our side-challenge as my spreadsheet is at home. Poor planning I know, I should have had it with me here in the office.

    "You're already in third so its up to Mr. Mills to reveal his final gambit."
    My parole officer says if I do that again outside the confines of my living room then I get what I deserve. :-)

  3. All your work, volume and quality have been inspirational, glad you could stay the course this year and looking forward to more robotics posts on your blog


  4. Really cool ships! ;) spread sheets!? Ugh( shiver) sounds like officer talk, I'll go find something to break! ;)

  5. Beautiful work on these ships! Wonderful!