Thursday, 19 March 2015

From RayR - 2 Odd 25mm figures (10 Points)

Just two figures for this post, the first is a Civilian figure for my Donnybrook collection. I've no idea what make the figure is, my best guess would be Old Glory?? He's had a bit of conversion work, he did have a 18th century/7YW kinds hairstyle, which was too late for the 1690's so I sculpted on a rather dodgy looking wig. As of yet he's got no name, so I'll have to think of one before too long?

I've had this second figure for around 10 years, so thought it was about time he had a lick of paint. You may recognize him, its the same figure as Andrew from Loki's Greathall blog, uses for his avatar, so in honour  of Loki, he'll be called Loki Greathallson!

Hopefully this is not my last post, there may be a very large sandbag tomorrow????

From Curt:

Great to see Loki make it out this year after all!  That wig is a brilliant piece of conversion work (love his jowls - reminds me of the animation in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall').

We await your sandbag Mr. Rousell (why am I not surprised)....


  1. For the first fellow I may I suggest Lord Fezziwig? clearly a great-great Grandfather of the Dickens character. Great work on both! Is the "Loki" figure still in production?

  2. Nice figures Ray, but where are the other 1990 points? ;)

  3. Fantastic painting work and miniatures, Ray.
    And here is the sandbag menace...

  4. Must say that the first figure looks suitably well fed :) Must be doing rather well for himself for being able to afford so much to eat! And having the time to eat it all as well!

  5. Love the pig man ;-) you could always call him Fran?


  6. Great work on the Aristocrat, but Loki looks better!