Thursday, 19 March 2015

From RichardM - 20mm AB Germans in camo (112 Points)

It has been a long while between posts - and hopefully these have just snuck in.  They are 28 20mm AB Germans (SS actually).  The camouflage is a mix of patterns - a lot of Oakleaf Summer and Autumn, some Planetree and quite a few Peadot.  

They have been hard work to paint - and I have another 2 battalions plus support to go!
Sorry about the photos and being blurred - I like to think that the camo is doing such a great job of confusing the auto focus.  The light green is also much brighter in these than in real life.

Anyway very glad I got them done 

From Curt:

It's great to see you come in for the victory lap Richard. These fellows are brilliant! You've done a smashing job on the pea dot and oakleaf camo. I have quite of few of these to do and I'm trying to gird myself for the camouflage work. You's definitely give me inspiration, thank you!

Well done Richard.


  1. Nice job on the camo Richard :)

  2. Rather you than me Richard. They're wonderful but it would drive me nuts!

  3. Lovely work on the different cammo's and a good quantity to finish on


  4. Now that is some late war Germans! Nice work on the camouflage, my favorite part of modern- SciFi, painting camouflage! ;)

  5. Impressive camo, a challenging thing to paint! Nice work.