Thursday, 19 March 2015

From JamieM - Final pulp sci-fi figures (15 Points)

Have you ever watched the end of a marathon? Not in the Olympics or anywhere professional, just the type normal people run in to challenge themselves? If you have, you'll have seen that some people sprint full pelt when they can see the finish line, despite the fact that they were struggling for breath not a mile earlier. Well, that's kind of like how I feel now. After getting bogged down after a bright start, it feels like I have to get lots of the half finished stuff done in case I put down my paintbrush straight after the challenge, like the end of an exam!

Anyway, I'm glad you're still with me after my digression there.... So here it is, my third post in three days.  These are three more pulp sci-fi figures and comprise, from left to right, another member of the ships crew, the evil overlord lady and the right hand man of the overlord.

The ships crew lady I deliberately did bright, because it felt right. She's another great bombshell miniatures sculpt. The other two are relatively understated as the evil overlord and her hitman and they were from crooked dice miniatures. I thought after the bright yellow lady stormtroopers, they would provide a nice counterpoint.

All great fun to paint and the give me a full roster to use now as there was every chance that the lack of an evil overlord would have led to me shelving all the painted figures until I got round to it, which could have been months.....

Will I manage to get another post in? I'm certainly hoping to.....

From Curt:

Nice!  I like the vibrrant palette you went with for these three - it really reinforces that they are in a bright, sci-fi setting. Now that you're over the hump with these three you absolutely NEED to source that Evil Overlord!

Great work.


  1. Nice work the Evil Overlady makes me think of Fish Mooney from Gotham which is a good thing! Don't play chicken with that lady!

  2. Nice work Jamie! :)

    I'm one of those people you described. In the '94 London Marathon, I started to run out of energy at the 25 mile mark (probably down to having run miles 12-18 at about a minute-a-mile faster pace than I'd planned - speeding up a little to get past those who had gone out too fast and were slowing down, then not dropping my pace back to where it should be), but once you turn that last corner and see the line - boy does it give you a boost! :)

  3. These are great, love the yellow


  4. Grand brushwork! I like the varied skin tones, and that yellow shirt is very well done( my yellows look muddy, thick, or both!)

  5. A groovy trio of characters. cheers