Thursday, 19 March 2015

StefanK: Last but not least: Curtgeld (20 Points)

All good thing come to an end and so does the 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. So I'll take my last entry to fulfil our hosts justified claim for an entry fee. But before I unveil the identity of the villain who will soon haunt Campbell Mansion let me thank you all and especially hardworking Curt. It was once again a pleasure as much as an honour to me to join your exquisite company and queue my humble work between the unique pieces of art you submitted. Kudos!

Gladly I'm able to announce that I mastered the side challenge I had with our gifted fellow the Honourable Mr Michael Awdry Esq. We both were lucky and persistent enough to submit an entry for each and every bonus round. My contender was even able to win two of the bonus rounds against all other submitters. Well done, Sir Michael, you well deserved winner. Kudos!

But now... Without overstraining your patience any longer: 

My entry fee, the Curtgeld or simply
Blackbeard the Scourge of the Seven Seas

I know he is no official or historically correct figure of Edward Thatch but when I first saw him at Crisis 2014 I knew that he'd represent this well-known pirate. With the long beard and the variety of pistols in his belt he should be a credible embodiment of this heinous rogue.

The figure is a resin miniature by Black Scorpion and it's slightly larger than 28mm and of course rather brawny as you see. The details are cast extremely clear and it was a joy to paint this fellow. As last year I added a small reminder of the occasion Curt received this miniature for:

Under Blackbeard's base I applied a small badge displaying this year's motto and logo. Hopefully you like it, Curt.

Well then... Actually that's it from me. As soon as I'll have finished this post I'll go to the bar and get me a sip of nice Scottish single malt whisky. Then I'll proudly raise my glass on the 5th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, on our host Curt and on you my appreciated fellow participants:

Hip hip hooray !
Hip hip hooray !
Hip hip hooray !

From Curt:

Thanks so much Stefan and congratulations on hitting your Challenge points target!

(I have to be brief and careful as Blogger is being very weird right now and is deleting images while I'm in edit mode. Why now?!)

I absolutely love this figure - everything about him is absolutly debauched and heroic. So very cool. 

Stefan, I will tip a glass to you as well tonight. It has be a delightful having you with us again this year and I hope to see your name on the roster the next time we go on campaign. Best wishes!


  1. Fantastic painting on this old pirate Stefan! :)

    As always it's been a real pleasure seeing your entries :)

  2. Super brushwork Stefan and the label beneath is a great idea. I'll pinch that one I think! Thanks for sharing with us in 14/15.

  3. Excellent figure and I love the badge. I was going to do the same thing for my Curtgeld, but like most things, was too lazy to implement it. After painting this figure I think you should have had a snifter of Rum.

  4. Excellent piece to finish on


  5. Oooh that coat and beard are excellent! Cool touch with the challenge decal too!

  6. Wonderful Curtgeld and a lovely touch on the basing.

  7. Wonderful pirate, I love it!