Thursday, 19 March 2015

From RichardC - Three Napoleons and are you Dim? (200 Points)

From Curt: Richard sent these in as four separate email entries but my poor head can't take much more for entries so Richard please forgive me for combining them into one.

Sleighbells in the Snow

Well, I’m coming to the end of my first Challenge, and am finally getting round to finishing off those little projects that have been eating away at what little time real life gives me to play with.

So here is what was originally going to be my Cold round entry – Im very glad I changed my mind as it turns out. This is the Perry range of 1812 figures, and includes Napoleon’s sleigh.I did paint one hardy chap in a sort of Santa outfit (I couldn't resist). All in all, it was fairly straightforward, but curses….. I ran out of pumice for the basing, and therefore, the bases are annoyingly visible. I also managed to lose the reins just as I was putting everything together. The trees were from a very nice chap on Fleabay, and the base, as usual, was from Warbases.

I managed to find a photo from a Russian Museum of the sleigh, which is actually reputed to have been Davout's rather than the Emperor's.


Roadside Assistance

Even an Emperor gets caught short on occasions. I bought the privvy from Ainsty Castings some time ago, but couldn't really find a use for it. It has now been ceremonially christened by Napoleon himself. The figures are from Warlord Games. I didn't use the Chasseur a Cheval escort figure, as he somewhat came a cropper during the preparation stage.

I can just hear the Mameluke coachman yelling "I'd leave a few minutes if I were you!"

Yes, it's yet another one of Napoleon. I do have other figures, but it just happens I like Napoleon.

Having a cat nap

Now Napoleon was famed for being able to fall asleep (or cat nap) even during the height of a battle. The Foundry figure of him napping with his foot resting on a drum has always been one of my favourites from this range. Here then is my version of it. We never had a definitive answer from Curt as to whether the hay cart counted as a vehicle or scenery, but I liked it so much, I've put it in this scene anyway. Although I do like the figure of Gourgaud from Perry metals, I prefer the original Officier d'Ordonnance from the Foundry set in his full dress. Sadly, I painted him many years ago, so the more recent, larger figure can be seen here (and a delight it was to paint).

Not only is the Emperor cat napping, but he's also the subject of a cat's attention - and no, I don't know if Napoleon was a cat lover. This moggy comes from Mirtilon, and I painted it to represent my ex girlfriend Meryl's somewhat feral cat, Claude (I really think that should have been spelt Clawed).

Curtgeld - Dim from A Clockwork Orange

Along with just about everything else this Challenge, I changed my mind about the Curtgeld. My original plan was to paint a certain Napoleonic cavalry officer, but then a visit to the master of the arcane at Awdry Towers changed everything. For once I was on the receiving end of a small plastic bag of lead.

Michael informed me that it comes from Crooked Dice set under the nom de guerre “Eavies”. They are, of course, based on Alex and his Droogs from Kubrick’s film of Anthony Burgess’s novel A Clockwork Orange”, released in 1972.

This anti-hero is Dim, played in the film by the late, great Warren Clarke. Fat, gormless, and favouring a bike chain as a weapon, much put upon by Alex, Dim finally has enough. To stop him escaping from the clutches of the police, Dim smashes a milk bottle across Alex’s face. Dim may well have acted out of a desire to stop Alex’s ultra-violence, but his real motive is much less heroic.

For those who can access this, check out the Droogs at 1:24, then check out Dim’s transformation. Dim’s motive is revenge. He becomes a policeman who extracts his own punishment on his former leader

It was a great figure to paint, and hopefully will stand next to Michael’s figure of Alex in Curt’s “trophy cabinet”. Those with good eyesight, or high res monitors, may just be able to spot a musical homage to one of my favourite bands, and their 5th album – also dating from 1972.

Now I must say something about the Challenge. I echo all of those who have praised Curt for the wonderful way in which he has run this mammoth undertaking. Not only has he managed to wrangle us into submitting our entries in an organised and efficient way, but he's also managed to paint some bloody superb figures at the same time - the Artful Dodger is high on my short-list for best figure of the Challenge. As I mentioned right at the start of the fun, I haven't picked up a brush in over seven years. I'd like to thank Curt and Mike Awdry for motivating me to start up again, and I would especially like to thank my fellow Challengers for their kind comments, their votes in the Bonus Rounds and, most of all for proving to me that the world of painters and wargamers is still one of best hobbies one can have!

Pip Pip!

From Curt:

Amazing work Richard! Those three Naploeon vignettes are absolutely brilliant. I think my favourite is the roadside stop - a beautiful carriage and a very funny scene.

Thanks so much for Dim! He will be a wonderful counterpoint to Michael's Alex. (I'm particularly impressed with the basework here!)

Thanks again Richard it was an absolute pleasure to have you with us and I'm delighted if the Challenge helped you get your brushes out again. I hope we see you with us next autumn!


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