Thursday, 19 March 2015

JamieM - a final post (50 Points)

Here it is, my final post. Phew. I think my brushes will now go away for a little while, so I'm really pleased I got these last figures done, to leave with mainly with only undercosted figures for when I next pick the brush up.

These chaps are the pyroclasts from the Horus Heresy salamanders again. I hadn't really thought about it before, but Greg B's point about 30k/40k being odd in that it includes copious amounts of flame weapons which is not entirely realistic...... I think it's a fair point, but I still like these guys so wanted a bundle of them :)

The flames on the armour is all moulded on and they use fearsome weapons which are either flamers or they can be used as tank busting melta guns. My favourite touch is the salamander skin draped over the nose and mouth portion of the face, which brings to mind models I've seen of ancient Naptha throwers. Given the similarity in weapon type, I think it's a nice nod by the FW sculptors.

And with that, the only thing left for me to do is most importantly to thank Curt for his immense hospitality in allowing me into my first Challenge, his kind words of encouragement and tireless work getting all this stuff posted up. And a thank you to all my fellow participants for your kind comments (always nice to know someone sees what you're doing) and also for showing me a raft of fascinating, amusing, informative and always impressive miniatures being painted around the globe. I've seen far more through your posts than I normally would have done, so thank you for broadening my horizons in this hobby of ours and giving me somewhere to go to on the Internet first thing in the morning.

Now then, where do I sign up for the next one?!?!?

From Curt:

How absolutely flametastic! These guys are going to be putting out A LOT of templates in a turn. As I've mentioned before, the green and bronze is a great colour combo and I like all the detailing with the fuel tanks, hoses and cables.

Thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation Jamie, it was a real pleasure having you join us this year. Keep an eye out next autumn for the Challenge announcement - there will be a space for you if you want it.


  1. Excellent work Jamie :)

    It's been good to have you along and I hope to see you back again next time :)

  2. Great stuff with this project. It was a joy to see your output.

  3. Enjoyed your trip with us this year, hope to see you and your great work here again next year


  4. Very nice work! The Salamanders look very cool with the extra protection gear! I dig the tanks and all the wonky hoses, looks like a lot of fun to paint! ;)