Thursday, 19 March 2015

From Millsy - 28mm British Napoleonic Hussars (60 points)

This second last post for my Challenge is a small Napoleonic commission in 28mm for a mate. And a VERY overdue one it is! We play a lot of skirmish games on Friday nights when the brain can't manage bigger games and these Front Rank 28mm Napoleonics are intended for use with Song of Drums and Shakos.

Firstly we have an officer and four men from the 1st Hussars, King's German Legion in a very stylish "French" blue. They look so natty they could well even BE French but they aren't and my Dragoons will have no hesitation in brushing them aside on the table. I very much like Front Rank's miniatures in general and their Naps whilst a little wooden are still loaded with crisp detail which paints up very nicely.

The last miniature is a Spanish officer of Don Julian Sanchez' regiment in "full dress" i.e. uniform he pinched from a deceased French cavalryman (the scoundrel!). There are no commercial figs representing this chap so my mate went with the next closest thing and I think it's a good compromise.

I'm rather pleased these are done as the guilt was almost too much to bear. :-) Even better, it's 60 points more to add to my tally...

From Curt:

Lovely work Millsy! Your friend will be more than compensated for his patience with these fine 'harse boys'.  Beautiful brushwork on the pelisse and that is a very snappy blue (even though they may say it's French). And to 'cap it off' you can't go wrong with a nice plumed busby. I have a copy of SoDaS and have been keen to give it a go. I assume you like the rules?

Again, great work Mr. Mills.


  1. Only 60 points Millsy? Are you feeling OK? Should we call a nurse for you? ;)

    Lovely hussars. Huzzah!

  2. Lovely figures but you know they will be rock solid now you have cursed them with being easy meat


  3. Those uniforms look grand! They are a touch stiff, but the brushwork is grand! The bling makes it hard to move apparently. Infantry leads the way! ;)