Thursday, 19 March 2015

From AdamC- Bergepanther Recovery Vehicle (8 points)

This is the tough and Ugly Berbpanther a German tow truck for tanks.  I picked it up for use with my German armor in Flames of War

Mine didn't have crew included but I has lots left over so I added two I also added the tow cable though I am not 100% sure that is were it should look up.

In addition to helping you armor get out of sticky situations in ditches, hedgerows and swamps this fellow actually has better armor than the StuGs and Panzer IVs I usually use so it might bounce a hit saving a tank that way form time to time

Its a 15mm model with two passengers so another 8 points.

From Curt:

I like seeing these support vehicles as they add another dimension to the tabletop force. Great work on the camo and the upper hoist Adam! 


  1. Thanks Curt the cable is a simple piece of thread painted in gunmetal gray.

  2. Lovely vehicle Adam :)

    I'll be adding some vehicles with cranes for loading and recovery to my NSL force at some point.

  3. Lovely piece, had no idea FOW had rules for these babies


  4. Nice Vick! It looks very well worn!
    I have a few times considered a support company for scenarios and objectives. ;)

  5. Looks good. Will be handy to unbog those tanks. cheers