Thursday, 19 March 2015

From TamsinP - Some More Blue Blobs (72 Points)

Hello boys and girls and what a spectacular final 24 hours of the Challenge we are seeing! Lots of people frantically painting away to get those few extra points they need to make their targets or bump a rival down the table. Fortunately for me, I'm sitting happy and secure in 6th place...

...unless that rascal Ray drops a 2000 point sandbag in the last few hours...

On top of that, this entry will put me over my 2500 point target. What a ride it has been getting there!

But enough of that verbiage, here's my 24th entry - some more 6mm ACW Union infantry. A couple of weeks ago, I actually painted a whole bunch of skirmishers but decided not to paint their formed brothers in favour of getting some other things done. Well, with the Curgeld out of the way, it was time for me to finish the job, so I painted another four regiments of Union infantry.

When it came to basing them up, I realised that I had rather an excess of skirmishers, so I decided to add six per base instead of the usual four.

I think it looks quite effective.

Having based up the four regiments thus, I still had 24 skirmishers going spare. And I was only going to be 10 points off my target. Hmmmm. Maybe I could...

Paint their kepis green, with a red circle on top and base them in a long skirmish line...

Hey, Presto! I've got the 1st US Sharpshooters Regiment!

All figures and flags are from Baccus.

This isn't quite the end of my Union forces. I've still got four more infantry and two Zouave infantry regiments to paint up, but those will be done later this month before I move onto the Rebs.

Now, I could leave things there having reached my target, but you should know me better than that by now. I've got some more figures on the workbench that I'm about to start painting. It will be a close-run thing, but I should just about be able to squeeze in one more entry before the deadline.

From Curt:

Awesome work Tamsin! This force has turned into to going concern. Thank goodness they don't take up too much space for storage, eh? Lovely stuff and congratulations on hitting your 2500 point target! 

I await your last entry...


  1. Nice work! alternatively your green Kepi boys could be the 35th Indian (or 1st Irish Regiment) who bought themselves green Kepis in honor of their ancestral land.

    Congratulations on making your target!

  2. Fantastic painting work, these units are really nice!

  3. Great stuff Tamsin - you have had a really good productive challenge this year well done!

  4. Congrats on reaching your target Tamsin. You always seem so organized. It's depressing.

  5. Very nice work Tamsin! It has been a pleasure watching all your projects (too many to keep track :D ) move forward at an impressive pace!

    These 6mm ACW units have been great. Those larger bases with skirmishers etc. really make them stand out.

  6. Great effort Tamsin, loving the Union boys

    er that sounds wrong


  7. Nice work, Tamsin! I really like the sharpshooter regt! Now you need to get going on the grey and butternut blobs! ;)

  8. @ Curt - it's certainly getting there. I've got 6 more infantry regiments to do of the figures that are already prepped and primed, then it's onto a similarly sized Reb force :)

    @ Adam - cheers! Thanks for the tip about the Indian(a?)/Irish regiment also being in green kepis - I might paint one of my remaining regiments with green kepis :)

    @ Juan - thanks! Just don't look too closely - I wouldn't want to scare you with the minor botches ;)

    @ Dave - cheers! Not as productive as you, but a lot more productive than last year :)

    @ Greg - thanks! "Seem so organised" - well, looks can be deceptive ;)

    @ Samuli - cheers! The variety created by my butterfly tendencies (ooh! Look! Squirrel!) has probably helped to keep me going and not get stuck in a rut :)

    @ Ian - thanks! And that does sound wrong ;)

    @ David B - I've got a few things to do before I get onto the Rebs. I'll probably start them in May :)