Thursday, 19 March 2015

From GregB - 20mm Parting Potpourri (44 Points)

20mm WW2 Soviets from Elhiem
For my final entry to the Painting Challenge I thought I would finish clearing off the painting desk with some leftover bits from the projects that got me up and moving in the first place - 20mm.  The Challenge was my first time working in this scale, and I have come to really enjoy it. 

Up first are some 20mm WW2 Soviets.  These are spare riflemen from a pack of Elhiem figures.  As always, the sculpting can be a bit uneven, but the proportions are somehow still great, even compelling.  The tricks of the sculptor...fascinating! 

More defenders of the Rodina

Ready to battle the fascist invaders
Up next is a more modern set - this is supposed to be a TV news team.  Once again, these are Elhiem figures.  I like having media figures as a "gaming garnish" on modern tables, but I find these sculpts are perhaps too ultramodern - I know cameras are smaller these days, but I still think most TV news people have shoulder mounted cameras.  Maybe that is just here in Canada...

"Reporting live from  20mm game..."

I tried to write "PRESS" on their helmets...that didn't really work...
One more Elhiem tidbit - this is a downed pilot.  It is supposed to be from a modern range, but could work in WW2 in a pinch.  Downed pilots always make for great objectives in skirmish games, as the ground pounders resentfully put their lives on the line to bail out some pampered flyboy...

Long walk back to base...
Great objective for games
And one more vehicle! During the challenge I painted a few T-34s for my WW2 Soviets, so I thought I would finish at least one Panzer for the Germans.  This is a 1/72 scale model kit from Plastic Soldier Company.  I can't say enough about how much I enjoy their vehicle models - they are excellent.

1/72 Mark IV from Plastic Soldier Company
I HATE modeling the schurzen you can see at the back of the turret, I can never get them to sit quite right...
This is a late model Panzer IV, sporting the long 75mm gun and the schurzen plates, which from a hobby perspective make me !@#!@#!@ing bannas as I hate painting them, then glueing them, etc.  But full credit to PSC - they make the process pretty easy/idiot proof, even for an idiot like me...

Very basic paint job

Ready for action in the eastern front
Last but not least I wanted to toss in a photo of my painting spot - I am quite fortunate that my wife tolerates this (allegedly) mobile painting station near the kitchen. 

My painting area during the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge
While it is technically mobile, what really happens is that I keep painting until I worry I am pushing my luck, clean it off, put it back downstairs, then bring it back up to start one project, which turns into it the circle of hobby life!

So this final entry of eight 20mm foot figures and a single 20mm vehicle should net me 44 points. 

Congratulations to all of the participants.  I fell short of my more ambitious revised target this year, but still managed to get a pile of stuff done.  Thanks to everyone for the comments, humour and encouragement, and thanks to Curt for hosting this Challenge.  See you all next time!

From Curt:

A great 'clean-up' indeed! I've got to try some of these Elhiem figures as they sound quite good and your results are terrific. 

And it's always nice to do up some 'gaming garnish' figures for the tabletop (I quite like that pilot who's legging it furiously). 

I'm definitely going to pick up some of those PSC Panzer IVs as I, like you, HATE dorking around with schurzen plating. Thanks for the tip!

I know that painting spot very well as I've parked there many a day doing some last-minute additions and touch-ups for games! A lovely spot with lots of light and, well, food and booze! 

Thanks for kicking-in with us again this year Greg - your posts are always entertaining and your work is truly inspirational. 

Great job Duderino!


  1. Excellent finish Greg :)

    I do like to see garnish (aka potential collateral damage/lunch) being done for games.

  2. Well done on a very successful challenge mate. I've thoroughly enjoying seeing your stuff this year.

  3. Great mix for the end of challenge push, your Russians are very nice indeed


  4. They all look very nice! I like the reporters and downed pilots a lot! The tank came out very well, obviously a round from a Russian tank knocked that armor askew! ;)

  5. Haha I know the feeling about the hobby cycle. Great painting as always Greg

  6. "Mobile painting station"!! What sort of spell have you cast?! :) Ha great pieces lovely to see!