Thursday, 19 March 2015

From BrianB - The Long Goodbye (20 Points)

For my last entry into the Challenge I wanted to submit my entry fee. When I first read that the theme would be an antihero for the figure I immediately thought of a Film Noir hard boiled detective. Luckily I knew the perfect figure from the Reaper line. And what better way than to paint him up in grey scale just like the movies.

I had to break out all of my greys and off greys in my paint box but in the end I think he turned out pretty well for my first figure painted in a monochrome palette.

Since this is the very end I would like to say thanks to everyone who participated and who took the time to look at and comment on my posts. I had a lot of fun throughout and enjoyed everyone's many submissions. Also thank you very much to Curt for running the whole event. I really can't imagine the amount of work involved and thanks for having me.

I'm going to finish out with a picture of all of my submissions. In the span of the Challenge I easily passed the number of figures I painted in the entire previous year. I hope to see all of you again in next years Challenge!

From Curt:

Fantastic! Some of my favourite films are French crime noir so this is just awesome. I think you've done a brilliant job on him Brian. Of course the glowing cigarette is a stroke of genius. Thanks so much!

AND I love that final pic of your Challenge efforts. That's just terrific (and seeing your pennyfarthing in the back makes my smile even wider).

Until next time Brian!


  1. That is simply superb Brian :)

    It's been great having you along - I hope you come back again next year :)

  2. A great finale.. Looks like you have had a great challenge.. And I agree the Penny Farthing was a brilliant idea

  3. Great stuff and your man on a Penny Farthing is my favorite piece from the challenge.

  4. First time at grey scale? It doesn't show. Great final entry.

  5. Great work on this guy, really works in the greyscale


  6. That is a nicely painted mini! The spot color on the CIG is a nice touch too! Greyscale is a style I'm going to give a go on next time! ;)

  7. Ooh, this might be my favorite Curtgeld submission! Great work, especially for a first outing in grayscale. I'm going to have to give that a shot myself this year, I think...

  8. One of my favourites too - really nailing the theme, excellent execution of greys co and that cigarette. Yes, fab

  9. This greyscale thing is quite an interesting approach, very nicely done! :)