Saturday, 19 March 2016

From AdamC - Frostgrave Great Worm (10 points)

This is Figure is from Reaper and I really wanted one for my Frostgrave collection  but its been sold out sine the game came out, especially as there is no official worm figure form Northstar but author Joe McCulloughn has said this is the figure he had in mind when he wrote the "worm hunt" scenario.  I certainly don't want to mess with anything with that many teeth!

I went with blue because I felt it would pop on the table and added some snow on it head where it got stuck when it burst through the ground. I also went fairly heavy with the wash so it looks like dirt is clinging to it.

The figure comes with its own ground work, dirt and rock chunks were it burst from the ground I added snow to the ground to fit the setting.

For scale I have two 25mm Frostgrave soldiers.   We counted bug figures as cavalry or vehicles I think for this simple figure cavalry makes more sense so perhaps 10 points or what ever Curt thinks is fair.  There will be at least one more post as I send in a big group shot and one or two other little pieces I am trying finish up. 

That is a nasty looking critter Adam. I really like the blue and turquoise of it's hide. It fits nicely in-theme with the Frostgrave winter setting but I can see one of these being very good for a Strange Aeons scenario. Nice work Mr. C!


  1. Thanks a big ugly worm Adam. Well done.

  2. I had to scroll down to the bottom to get a scale on this beastie! Saying it is 28mm gives no clue to the size and then you see the normal figures and just think WOW. Very scary indeed, Not something my Frost grave folks would choose to fight!

  3. Great submission, you must have a great frostgrave collection now

  4. always wondered how big this thing is, it's gotta hurt in the game.

  5. I really like that worm and your color choice, Adam! I want one for random events in my Scifi games! ;)

  6. Nice one. How I fondly remember the D&D purple worm. Should be troublesome for adventurers. cheers

  7. We have wormsign!
    ; )
    Suitably horrid, well done Adam!